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Heads up: if you try to install the Mac version via the Itch app, the only download it will offer is the soundtrack, even if you navigate to the downloads page within Itch and select the correct Mac build.

Certain versions of Unity do this on certain versions of Mac. At the game engine's forums:

Some other instances in the wild:

It's neither this game nor its devs, nor is the game spying on you. You should learn to ask questions instead of making accusations when you're confused.

(Of course, it's possible this game has been signed since the last thread went up, but I'm sure not gonna double-download it to check!)

Completely avoiding all the nonsense about "apps downloaded from the internet" is, at long, depressing last, completely impossible on recent versions of Mac. Devs who don't pony up to sign their Mac builds are going to get that from now on, and it's hard to blame a given indie dev.

However, as far as I can tell, games installed through the Itch app get pseudo-signed in the process, or something else bypasses the annoyance. I never needed the Itch launcher for its own sake, but it made me a kitty cat!

It has its own downsides, but you'll figure them out quickly.

When that happens on Mac, if you install the app into that folder, the Itch launcher usually figures it out.