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click the help button

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to implement your suggestions if i can.

Look for the thingy.

Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry for the late reply. I couldnt use my laptop for a few days

Thanks for the feedback!

Great Game, My best is 7. The timer really puts on the pressure

Thanks for the feedback! How exactly does it break the  game? 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

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The Best I Have Scored Is 46

Edit: Just got 49

Bug Report: When you press W while Pressing J to start the game, The character just jumps forever

That's probably because an enemy spawned on you. I tried to fix it by making it so that when an enemy spawns on the player, it disappears but that didnt work.


The Scratch Jam #2 community · Created a new topic E


Please include a game.

So smooth movement, How did you do that?

Thanks for the suggestion. Will consider.

Maybe HTML5, It will be easy for many people to play the game. but if you want to make an EXE, or a ZIP, then sure.

you can find your scratch projects in the trash folder

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Nice game, One suggestion. for the player sprite, set the rotation style to left-right. Then when left arrow key pressed, Point in direction -90 and when right arrow key pressed, Point in direction 90.  Also, if possible, provide an sb3 file or a scratch link

Maybe... Maybe not... What do you think for low eff?

Its a pretty good game you got there!

You can use anything as long as it is in scratch, so Yes you can use Makey Makey

Well, it doesn't say in the rules you can post only one game...

This may be the next Zelda game. Nintendo should hire you. Click Me

the effects are smooth

thanks for the feedback

took some time to figure out, very good game

Thanks for your feedback