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You are the champion of the Oric scene, dear rax, and I will always enjoy following your hijinks.  I can only *wonder* what you will come up with if you take these mad  skills in the other direction,  and write a non-10-liner BASIC game, like a 1000-liner or so... but anyway, even if you don't find that worth your fancy, the things you teach us Oric nerds, even still today after so many decades, is a delightful joy.  If only we'd had this genius in the 80's, the other platform would've been nuked from orbit, hint hint ..

LOVE this entry, love the platform, and  much thanks to you, rax00.  You are really rocking it.

Congrats rax!  Was an amazing entry, so smooth and fun to play.

I know you worked very hard on this game so I'd just like to congratulate you on the release, and say that its indeed a very addictive and fun game to play - I'll be putting this one on the kids' computer and playing it with them all week, hope to give you some feedback as we progress through the levels.