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I am trying to compile one of the example programs but I always get this error: "Please use "Options" to configure where the emulators are found!"  even after configuring all the paths to the emulators.

Just had a go and it is great. Love the mono gfx.

so cool

Just bought it... so now it is play time... yay!

Very nice game, I used to play the pc version and this is pretty good.

Great game, congrats!

so cool! congrats

Super cool, congrats!

This is just so awesome. Beautiful gfx, congrats!

Love it!

Looking forward to your next projects. Keep up the great job. Cheers.

wow great game, congrats

great game!

Great conversion + extras, congrats

great game

This is so great, congrats. Interesting that you use this pico8 gfx mode. First time I see a game using it.

Phenomenal project/game. Congrats!

So awesome. Congrats to all involved.

Great version, I like the minimalist approach. Looking forward to your next game project. 

Great game. Just tried it on the emu using the colodore palette. Love the Gfx!! Congrats.

Congratulations!! You rock! :)

Cool, I must have a go at coding somethin' for it

Just bought it and gifted some extra $! Looking forward to playing it and seeing more c64 games from you :) 

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Just played it, it is awesome, congrats.

First time I played I passed the scenario(standard) mode in one go :P I used to play the arcade version when I was a teenager, good memories.

Added to my wishlist :)

 Wishing you much success!

Great game, congrats!

Good luck :)

love this version, great job!

Thank you a lot. Keep up the great job.

How are the char materials encoded? Thanks