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I am having issues with vAmiga on OSX loading any games.  I am using the included AROS kickstarters.

Currently running OSX 12.0.1 and this won't work. Do you have an updated version that will run on my OS software.

I have the galactic Wars pic08 version on my MAC but the ex version is windows only.  any chance you will be releasing a mac version, too?

It works perfectly!  Thank you so much for doing the update.

Thanks for the response.  The game was only a few dollars so I don't mind however I would like to see an updated version sent my way as soon as is possible.  My boys and I are looking forward to trying your game.

This game does not work on current OSX.  Needs an update.

Just downloaded for OSX and it won't work.  Says it needs updating. 

I have already purchased this game.  Do I have to purchase again for the Ocean CRT download?

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Do you have a working version for MAC? Or can you recommend an emulator in which this will run?

YES!  So happy this is finally released.  Thank you!