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Ian Martin

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I loved it!  Great clay looking art!  My Spanish isn't so good but I was able to understand it enough to figure out what was going on.  

Haha!  I love it.  Never seen a game use the scroll wheel for something like this before!

Ah, ok, I can hit things and kick now.  I did manage to knock down some stuff by just running into it before.

I think it's a cool concept, smashing things and causing chaos to build up power.  Good luck with it if you decide to make a full game out of it! 

Not sure what the controls are for this game...

Cool game!  I got a little ways into it, not to the boss though.  Little bug I found: press 2 and then 3 and text overlaps, also happens if you press 3 and then 2.  Love the graphics, you got a lot out of such a small space!  

The best I got was 8865.   I'm terrible at Paperboy.   I have(had?) a Paperboy 2 Sega cartridge that the kid who used to own it literally wrote 'this game sucks' on.  

Cool game, thanks! 

Yeah, there were a couple of spots where I couldn't figure out how to avoid damage...the circling things on the left of the level, for instance.  
Had to make it look exciting at the end, right?!

I did it!  Thanks for the game :)


Can you tell us what size the assets are?  The character sizes and tile sizes?

Animation sounds really good! The more tools the better :)

Sure, no problem!
Pixel Proof is looking pretty good so far, good luck with it :)


I just installed the Pixel Proof - Honest Edition (PixelProof-0.4.0.exe). It installed fine, to the default directory, but when I ran it, I got a missing zlib1.dll error. I found the zlib1.dll on the internet and copied it to the PixelProof folder. This seemed to fix the problem. Just wanted to give you a heads up on this...I didn't see an email to send it to.

I'm using Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition. If you need more info just let me know :)


Awesome! Thank you :)

Looks like really good stuff!
Is there a list of effects? I only see 13 of them in the animated gif on the page.
Also it doesn't give the dimensions of the effects or whether they are separate .pngs like your other work?