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The first "scary game" I've played in years, and the jump definitely got me. Nice game!

20 hours spent on this game...
I could have been doing better things, but I was happy when I "won"

Good game, GregoryGregGregGregory.

A great and creepy game!

Well, that was an amazing game...what a great job

Awesome game, great music!

Awesome game! Great upgrade system, and a satisfying end with the final boss.

Awesome and fun little game!

Such a good game...

Fun little game. My cat is glaring at me wondering why I don't feed her so many treats. 

Fun little game! It was nice to play a game about adulting on the weekend while being an adult..and playing it on the weekend.

Fun little game. Well made!

Good and short prototype. Quite interesting.

Awesome game

Fun game! Well made, ceejay.