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Please make more game like these!! Its refreshing to see a game simple like this. Very heavy on the text and with illustrations to supplement the descriptions. This is definitely one of my favorite games ever.

Hey, after clicking "pay with paypal" im just redirected to

Can you fix it, or let me know a way to simply pay directly via paypal account?

This game reminded me why i want to be vegan so i really do want to contribute. Let me know!

how do i donate to Sweetheartsquad?

i like how this game does include how animals eat other animals. I feel like thats just kind of skimmed over in other animal novels. And just accepted as the norm and somehow being curesy about it. I love animals but acknowledge that murder is very common in nature. Still the art and music and VA make this lighthearted still ! great work!

I love animals and love this book! Most of the searches for animals give stuff about furries... so im super happy this is here! animals is kind of a niche novels so i wish people would make more games more based in reality and about animals!