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I'm glad you got the save working :). I am not 100% sure if more updates will be made. I would love to keep working on this game but other projects sometimes get in the way. We will do our best!


Thanks for the feedback. We noticed that the save system doesn't work in certain web browsers, probably because of safety and security reasons. We did try it in chrome and it has worked for us. Try checking if your browser clears cookies automatically or if you have accepted cookies on this website. The save system was the most important feature that we added so it really sucks that it doesn't work for some people. Concerning the grind issues, yes we do know that parts of the game feel extra slow due to the long time gap between upgrades. If we can find the time, we will update the game and fix the balancing even further.



20 toasts, good luck getting to the end. It's gonna be rough.

The recipe book is a great idea. Also, cosmic bread isn't the last but getting to the last one takes a ridiculous amount of time. That's on me.

Very interesting game. Even though i suck at remembering the recipes, the game is very polished and the presentation is superb. Great work!

I'm glad you liked the game :D. The yellow screen thing happened to my co-dev while playing right after publishing. I think the issue has more to do with the game page than the actual game. We fixed the issue by clicking outside of the game window.

cool and hard game like it