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Cool style, loved it, jumpscare got me cause I majorly did not expect it lol
interact being space confused me a bit, VHS tape thing hurt my eyes but that's fine cause a ton of games have the VHS filter goin on,
overall, favorite out of the 3 games I played in my video :D

I like the style, but it's too quiet and the default sensitivity is painfully high,
also kinda weird walking up the stairs in the old building,
other than that, cool game

I liked how the game looked, and how the enemy looked,
but thats about it tbh no offense,
it kinda didn't have enough I guess, and no way to defend or run from the enemy if he saw you,
but again, atleast it looked pretty

I liked the game, it was fun, recorded it awhile ago but only got around to the video now, awesome game, thanks

Sorry if I don't SEEM excited, seeing as I don't show it very well, but I made a video on your game
I thought it was absolutely amazing, loved it, beautiful

Here's my video:

I thought it was cool, no real jumpscares but terrified me in all honesty. made a video on it.

I want to play the game and record it but I couldn't do anything because I could not interact with the radio, plz fix

Sorry but I kinda hate it
it's basically just a complete rip-off of the original game from what I've seen, not really a fan-game but a rip-off
so I assume this will be taken down as soon as it's noticed by theMeatly

This game was pretty awesome and creepy, gave me chills mannnnn, loved it

Made a video on it:

I really enjoyed the demo, it's amazingly detailed for a horror demo off lol, thought it was awesome, made a video on it:

Can't wait for a full version, would buy

This was pretty awesome, terrifying, made my skin crawl
I love games that look like old VHS tapes lol 
I personally prefer horror games that don't have real objectives and just walk you through a few places with a bunch of jumpscares but I still really liked this

literally the night blights logo bruh

I thought the game was interesting, whatever story it had wasn't exactly easy to see meaning you had to actually investigate if you wanted to know a story, personally I'm so lazy I won't even try but alot of other people would enjoy this

Game was uh...well, it was good, well done but, was also boring, a few jumpscares got me but other than that, was boring sorry man

Dude, this was Scary, scarier than alot of horror games
what made it scarier is like, you were picturing whatever was in your room but you didn't actually see anything REAL
This took awhile but great, I opened my eyes once to see what would happen and was quite surprised to be honest

This was, interesting, I didn't really understand it and didn't really like that I can't walk around, I'm assuming its just a person who is insane is all, but it looked really cool either way 

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I thought the game was really cool, reminded me of P.T.

wish there were some jumpscares

Was interesting, the only thing I didn't like was it was SOOOOO long, with basically ONE jumpscare, barely even a jumpscare

The running animation and all-around model sent chills down my spine for some reason, it's hilarious

This game was, interesting, I was kinda dissapointed there wasn't more to it lol

cool game

I have a friend who is schizophrenic, now I know what it's like to be like that and i must say it is terrifying

This was really cool, I loved it