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I thought the game was interesting, whatever story it had wasn't exactly easy to see meaning you had to actually investigate if you wanted to know a story, personally I'm so lazy I won't even try but alot of other people would enjoy this

Game was uh...well, it was good, well done but, was also boring, a few jumpscares got me but other than that, was boring sorry man

Dude, this was Scary, scarier than alot of horror games
what made it scarier is like, you were picturing whatever was in your room but you didn't actually see anything REAL
This took awhile but great, I opened my eyes once to see what would happen and was quite surprised to be honest

This was, interesting, I didn't really understand it and didn't really like that I can't walk around, I'm assuming its just a person who is insane is all, but it looked really cool either way 

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I thought the game was really cool, reminded me of P.T.

wish there were some jumpscares

Was interesting, the only thing I didn't like was it was SOOOOO long, with basically ONE jumpscare, barely even a jumpscare

The running animation and all-around model sent chills down my spine for some reason, it's hilarious

Great game, can't wait for the full version m8 the animation of the guy running down the hall was terrifying xd

This game was, interesting, I was kinda dissapointed there wasn't more to it lol

cool game

I have a friend who is schizophrenic, now I know what it's like to be like that and i must say it is terrifying

This was really cool, I loved it