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nice, fun to figure out. unq gb thrff gur fgngr, ab pyhr jurer gb svaq gung bar bhg, nyfb zvffrq 2 inevnoyrf ol gur raq.

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nvm , got it, really cool and clever solution, just not sure how all the other ones worked. last one was the only one that fully made sense to me

the art's cute but I have no clue what is happening, how to play, or why things sometimes change. Got stuck when the strategy of just clicking until it solved stopped working (the tree decorating one)

Hello, really enjoyed the book. Very well made and a lot of fun to solve, I think I've completed it. I figured out vaguely what was happening when I did the palindrome puzzle, which I solved fully before moving on to 8. Then after seeing the word list in nine I figured out the flipped words trick  and then i went back to solve all the previous ones (before ever seeing 11, so I thought the theme for 2 was just animals and struggled for a while). Only after solving 1 fully did I realize what the numbers at the bottom meant. Then I struggled on 11 for a while since i thought the 12 theme started with l when it actually starts with L and I had forgotten the A from 6. Also that trick in 1 is absolutely genius. Do the page numbers end up being used for anything, cause I've completed it but I didn't end up using them.

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just beat it, another great game! I wonder what all these secrets do (found 2 so far)

It seems to just be giving connection errors :(

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Just found a game that's 13 min and 20 sec long that lets you get like 30 million points, I got 29411074.  seed: 7115277590 

keeps saying connection error :(

was this removed from the indie bundle for palestanian aid, if so why was it removed and is there any way to get the game from the bundle if i never attempted to download it while it was still in the bundle