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Daniel Green

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Hi Jim! We're really pleased you enjoyed the game - and we love the art too! Very happy for you to keep your video up, so long as you don't monetise it or collect ad revenue from it.

Also, in your video description could you please credit the game to "The Triangulum" rather than The Jonny Club Game Association? And it would be great if you would include some links to our three Itch pages? You can find the links in the description above.

Thanks again for your support, and thanks for playing!


What a hilarious and deeply infuriating game, I love it! It even works just fine on lesser browsers like Firefox ;).

I think you could shorten the error closing minigame a little (so people aren't haunted by that sound in their dreams!). The antivirus button that triggers the fly swatter is also a little hard to click for some reason?

Still, it's excellent work. And I still think more indie games can be improved by the presence of Jimmy Barnes. Great job, Momo!

Thank you for taking a look, I'm really pleased you liked it! I've still got some things I'd like to tweak, but I'm happy with how it's turned out thus far.

I really can't take all the credit for the for the art, however. While it does match the vision I had for it, @ruin's Pixsy tool did the heavy lifting here by turning a photograph into a bitsy map. I wanted to try and make the art from scratch, but Pixsy saved me a whole bunch of time.