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This game caused me genuine fear

I loved it!

I liked it! Would be better if longer and more fleshed out but good job!

I loved it. I look forward to your next games

I loved it! Great short game. The ending was so mean though lol. Nice work!

Absolutely great work as always Zed! I see your games improving with each release. I think this is your best story yet and I loved all the unique characters and dialogue in this one.

This game made me scream louder than I've ever screamed in my life. Excellent work with the jumpscare. I would love to see this game and story expanded!

great game!

Fun game!

I really liked it! Wish there was even more

I loved it! 

Hi Kira, I made a video on why I think Corpse Ocean deserves just as much recognition as Iron Lung. Thank you for making such an interesting game.

MIKE!!! One again you have killed it. This is one of the coolest endings to a horror game i've ever played. Also It is an honor to be in the credits for this game :) keep up the amazing work.!!

Great game! I loved the slow demise into chaos. The Plants Have Taken Over....

Amazing ending! I knew you weren't finished after The Man From the Window. Keep up the great work!

Such a relaxing and eerie feeling. I loved it!