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There's a native Linux version of Pico-8 so no need to use Proton at all. 

Already commented on the main game page, but I'm curious if you tweaked this later. I was able to get a steam deck analog stick mapped to the mouse in Pico-8 and was strafing and twin-sticking in no time. Clearly not as easy for setups less-tweakable than the SD, but still fun.

I was playing around with Pico-8 on my steam deck and tried this out. Not only was it pretty dang good in general, but I noticed the "developer mouse" option, and, low and behold, next thing I know, I'm playing this with proper two-stick controls. *mind blown* Very cool thing that I never expected to be able to do in a p8 game. Cheers.

Any chance you'll release a p8.png cart file for this. I'm hoping to be able to play it with a handheld that I'm setting up to run Pico-8 games. Cheers

Time Thief community · Created a new topic Cart File?

I've been really enjoying playing Time Thief on my Steam Deck, but I was hoping to be able to load it up on my tiny handheld emulator and was wondering if there was a way to get the p8.png file so I can do so. Thanks for your brilliant work!