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In the face of infinite temporal expanses, my existence flickers fleetingly, leaving me grappling with the profound insignificance of my being. Time, an indomitable merciless spectre, slithers through my grasp, allowing me but a fleeting glimpse of the sheer miracle of my own existence before it slips into the void. Yet, amidst the desolate contemplation, there exists a profound paradox—an ephemeral moment so exquisitely poignant that it transcends the boundaries of time, an eternal essence contained within a fleeting instant. But, no, such reassurances elude me, for my existence, a mere flicker in the cosmic abyss, reduces me to a minuscule speck, lost amidst the chasm of nothingness and everything.

Good game!

I just finished adding the clues, and popped it up on the Gauntlet Publishing discord for any feedback while I think about layout. Any layout tips for someone who usually only works with statistical data? XD

I hear he wasn't even an NPC for the mystery - he just showed up. Typical Dave. 

I just backed this, and read through the first mystery in the bunch. It's going to be SO fun to play! The prompts are all excellent but I am really hyped about the NPCs. Every single one of them is someone I want to show up in a game. Even Dave. 

I can't wait for the rest of the mysteries! The summaries look great, and (selfishly) our playgroup has gotten through nearly all the other mysteries so MORE is always better :D

Haunted Observatory! Inspired by various space horror things but most especially the X-Files episode "Space" (the one where the astronaut is haunted by the face on Mars. It's great/terrible.)