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Loved the game, only two things that I think would be great to have would be a random (semi-random?) map, and a "create your map" mode (or a way to make mods, or something.. since it's made with godot, guess it would be very possible). But the game is really great as is. (had posted in the wrong place :') )

I am watching that video right now haha
From what I saw when he was paying that last part, I think I have some ideas for the wind streams.. One of them is the same someone pointed out in the video: there could be a second area with stronger wind near the bottom of each stream, to make it harder to hit the ground while on the stream. The other thing I think would make it more manageable would be to give a limit to the speed it adds vertically, so it doesn't send your character flying up

It's very good! Movement feels very good, and the stages force you to learn the mechanics before progressing. I would like to see more levels and challenges (though I know it would be crazy for just a weekend), and also maybe an ending where the protagonist reaches home hehe. Liked the visuals too, very simple but very effective. The difficulty is also good, not being boring easy, nor frustratingly hard. I only had actual trouble on the last level, but it was because the wind did not render here haha (but I managed it some attempts).

Ohh Thank you very much! Will give it a try and give my feedback =]

Love the idea of such a useful tool being made with Godot, and having a free open source pixel art editor being actively developed, and with such good features being added quickly, is awesome!

I can't run the game ='[
Though I think it is a problem with my hardware, since the downloaded version says my "video card does not support any of the supported OpenGL versions".. Did you use GLSE3?

I reached a big ice cube trapped in some roots, and when I mined it, the screen went gray.. does that mean I reached the end of the game? haha

So simple yet so good =]