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I have a simple question, how do we open two instances of Tuesday js windows version? I want to work on my project while looking at example project. Thanks

This  is truly awesome. Although I downloaded it several months ago, I only recently had the time to use and learn it seriously in the past two weeks. I'm very impressed with its ease of use and the simplicity of its user interface. Even though it took a bit of time to get accustomed to the interface, it was quite easy to do so. Thank you.

Totally awesome. Saves the time. Thanks^^

wow, awesome^^

it's expired

Thanks for the feedback. Seems like you're also Javanese^^
It was actually designed as a common turn base rpg with battles and exploration, but a week was not enough^^
Thanks for pointing out the bug.
Really love the stories in Babad Tanah Jawi^^

Thanks for playing and the feedback. ^^

is it possible to get the dragonbones files as well?

Is its available for patrons?

Thankis for the comment.
We have issue related to the plugin and "Abort Battle" command  which are in conflict. The battle should have ended once player reduces 10% of Merking HP. We will fix it soon and let you know when it's ready. Thanks

Thanks for the review. You are right about the merfolk, it is because of the conflict between one of the plugins and "Abort Battle" command. It was intended that if player can reduce 10% of Merking's HP then the battle is aborted, and the game returns to the story mode. Unfortunately we just knew this after the last minute of the submission. 

The Kraken uses Dragonbones which, I don't know why, gives problem related to mouse clicking like you said.
The story presented here is only 15% of the full story, so hopefully it will make more sense once the full game is released.

The battle log is also problematic as most of the time it's in normal speed, but sometimes it goes too fast. I assume it's related to the setting.

Thanks for all the precious inputs, this is our first RPG maker game jam we join, and we're planning to release this as a full game. Your inputs are worthy to improve our game.

thanks. It is clear now. 

Thanks^^ If you happen to have difficulties in playing the game, especially battle against Sol The Merking, please tell me, I'll help you out.  There was a technical problem related to the plugin I use and the feature of RPG maker MZ. Thanks

no its actually enemy data in json format to fix the difficulty of the enemy due to the malfunctioning function of "Abort Battle" feature in my RMMZ game project. It is malfunctioning because in conflict with a certain plugin i use in my project. I just want to link the Enemies json file (in description or comment)  for downloaders to patch the game. Is it allowed?

What about this kind of case? Putting link for a  bug fixed version in game description. Not to get around the lock,  but give other people to play the better playable version

Sorry,  it seems like the abort battle does not function properly in battle with Merking Sol. It should be ended when we could reduce 10% of his HP, but the battle kept on continuing.

is it okay to upload url of enemies data in notepad in game description page? 

thanks for the answer

Are we allowed to update game screenshots, descriptions, and video ? Thanks


No web demo?

no sales?

it's been a year

Cant make it work out of the box for Construct 3,  could you please give a C3 project example using dialogues from DD? Thanks


Totally awesome!

I am second to this male character. Thanks for the cool work.

Cool. Superb!

does the package include construct 3 example?

Is Construct 3 example included in the package?

Wow, Thanks for this useful info. I'll look into it. Thanks

Thanks for the reply Keith. Knowing that it is also for Assetforge I thought It's also for SGB as most SGB users say Assetforge is compatible for SGB. Still I could use it for my unity project. Thanks again.

Hi Keith, it is a great asset.  However, I have a problem when importing the models to Smile Game Builder engine. The models load fine, but the textures don't. It says:
"It contains no texture/material. You need to apply UV Mapping with PNG format."

"You cannot use multiple materials for one model."

Do you know how to overcome this?

Thanks in advance^^

Is there any web demo?