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it's been a year

Cant make it work out of the box for Construct 3,  could you please give a C3 project example using dialogues from DD? Thanks


Totally awesome!

I am second to this male character. Thanks for the cool work.

Cool. Superb!

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I tried it again just now.  After waiting a few seconds the camera worked fine and the models appeared. But all the models are all black. Android 7.1.2 (N2G47H), Chrome

Sorry I dont have a log. I used android xiaomi , and waited for more than a minute. 

i opened up the link, allowed the camera, but nothing happened. The camera did not open, only the blue circle with black screen.  

does the package include construct 3 example?

Is Construct 3 example included in the package?

Wow, Thanks for this useful info. I'll look into it. Thanks

Thanks for the reply Keith. Knowing that it is also for Assetforge I thought It's also for SGB as most SGB users say Assetforge is compatible for SGB. Still I could use it for my unity project. Thanks again.

Hi Keith, it is a great asset.  However, I have a problem when importing the models to Smile Game Builder engine. The models load fine, but the textures don't. It says:
"It contains no texture/material. You need to apply UV Mapping with PNG format."

"You cannot use multiple materials for one model."

Do you know how to overcome this?

Thanks in advance^^

Is there any web demo?