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Happy Christmas!

It's Christmas 

Merry Chrysler! 

She scary 

I don't say this about many Itch games, but this one was good and genuinely scary! 

Patrick needs some professional help. 

I was just trying to wish him a happy b-day...

"It's on sight" - Ronald McDonald 

Instructions unclear, microwave has adopted me.

I need a new job.

I forgot to put my crocs in sport mode 

Amanda is still acting out.

I was honestly being honest to be honest honestly.

Just as funny as the first one!

Thanks, I am now scared of the woods!

This is the scariest game I have played in a long time, well done!

Squidward needs to chill.

I played this game a while ago, it gave me the best jump scare to this day... Here is the full gameplay!

I feel uncomfortable.

It was a hilarious game! had fun playing it haha 

I didn't play the first one, but watched some gameplay from other Youtubere's. I had to try out the second one for myself. I suck at it but  It was a solid game!

I can't drive.

It was a solid horror experience! 


Ok, I might be a little  crazy.   Solid game! 

Help, I released a demon 

Who hurt this mans!?

I enjoyed my stay at Wcdonalds.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I enjoyed this game some much, it's even better than The Shopping List! Keep up the great work I hope to see more games from you in the future. 

Very well made, it kept me on my toes for the whole game. Great work!

Fun game! I Will never clean anyone's house again :D Keep up the good work! 

Sorry... I played the game.

Never going to the eye doctor again. 

Great game! It made me feel the anxiety and fear of an actual nightmare, well done!

This game scared the crap out of me, solid game!

My soul left my body while p[laying this game... I had fun though! Good game I highly recommend if you are looking for a quick scare.

This game made me jump out of my seat! Good game, keep up the good work.

This game made my brain hurt :) Good game!

I had a good time finding my happy place :)

I enjoyed playing this game! Good job and keep up the good work :)