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This game really sucked me in. I like the illustrations, the flexibility of the commands and how there's just enough suggestion of a plot to be interesting and provide motivation without distracting from the game itself. It all suits the genre really well. My only real problem is that I'm stuck. I've gotten as far as I ever have, getting past all the obstacles up to the ants, and I'm left with nothing. From the disclaimer I guess I just have to figure out a way to get past the bear without using an item but I have no idea how. Other than that I only have a few minor quibbles, overall it's a very fun play.

Oh hey thanks for the forest. I will guard it with my life

This is lovely

'Artistic' stuff tends to go over my head, but this definitely gave me a sense of loss. Looking back, you made quite a few decisions that contributed to that. So good work, and take care.

This is cute, it has lots of personality and got me interested in the universe. I was gonna say that there's not a lot of content but there's probably plenty in Element:Space.

It's cute, unsettling and intriguing, but I'm stuck. I died shortly after I went outside and woke up in a pit. I managed to find the menu and figure out how to use it by pressing random buttons (would suggest putting the controls in the description) and healed myself, but that's as far as I can get. Could be a bug in my game but idk what to do from here. I'd love to play more though!

np! Thanks for writing!

Just fyi I am super into this as well as 'A Colour Like No Other'.

I absolutely adore this game. The concept itself is imaginative, but what really makes it for me is the fascinating relationship between the characters. It's nuanced and complex, but still heartwarmingly sweet. I think that really speaks to your writing ability, that you don't resort to edginess or melodrama to make something interesting, despite your main characters being eldritch abominations (I also love 'Worth Waiting'). The tone of the fight scene  almostthrew me at first but Iris's explanation brought everything back together, it made perfect sense narratively. Sorry to gush, I just want to tell you that this is really good!