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That's why people include credits button in the main menu. (people don't really have balls to rebuild your game)

I wanted to learn from your code, Is there any way that we can talk ? 

Can I ask for source code ?

Can I ask for source code ?

Can I ask for source code ?

May I ask about the commercial method you have ?

Case you can download any game for free, and it's just about copyright. If you are agree with me then you can add a license to the project. 

This will help you get things done much faster + keep earnings. 

By the way, I thing in app purchase is the best commercial method cause it's much more in control and also if someone cracks the game then it's not joyful to play. 

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Hi and thanks for your great game. I loved it

So I wanna contribute

If you are open to others help please upload the project to the github and write the project git link so we can help