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Thanks for the comments, everyone!

@justinooncx: Great idea! Yeah, the game probably should have just ended and chosen a winner based on the number of climbers left. Strangely, and completely by coincidence, in the actual head-to-head competition one of the players lost their last climber at exactly 30 seconds!

1,000,010 stars. The 10 is for the Tijuana Brass cover.

This was great! Feels like I just wasted three bucks at KB Toys!

Delicious nonsense!

Great use of fonts!

This game is wonderful. Easily better than that awful hack, Q*Bert.

We had a great time with this one! Bunches of features, but still very fun and easy to get into.

Rated "low" for inscrutability because it's actually a pretty fun game! Nice music, as well.

This game really takes me back, to a time of sore thumbs and the NES Advantage!

+1 for comedy!