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I wish I was Rich

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What time are you planning on releasing today. I'm sooooo bored in quarentine lmao.

not bad! when is the next update planning on coming out?

Ok thanks for the effort though!!


Thank you!

So what is Radiant exactly?

is the public release set yet?

This means you have finished all the content until the next update.

I like this it had me laughing at the scene part.

okthanks for letting me know!

Are you gonna plan to make this for Mac?

Also will Alice become an interest?

Awesome man you're doing an amazing job!

0.8 is dope!!! just finished it and can see there's more amazing content to come. I was just wondering if there'll be pregnancy options and if there are which characters will they be for?

your a good man

hell yeah

Hey are you gonna make a version for mac at some point?

Thanks sounds great!

For some reason my google has an error every time it downloads. Are you willing to put the download on mega?

I don't know if you've been asked already but have you though of making this for mac or browser supported?

when will the relations the sisters start developing?

haven't even played it yet but I know it's good cause the last one game was amazing.

The game is a lil too big and doesn't run well on my computor.  if you end up making a second game can you make it with renpy? because it'll just run better in general.

Awesome read up on it can't wait for the new game and the update!!

hey just jumping back on to see what the status is on the next update. Is there a release date. Also is the new game you're working on going to be anthing like this one? 

cool I'm looking into supporting!

Hey was wondering when the new update will be?

Ok cool!

Hey I've heard about the game and wanna try it out but I'm planning on waiting till the next version comes so I can just play as long as possible. When will it launch?