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Absolutely outstanding.  I don't think there is any other way to put it.

Oh gamer don't get mad because you jacked off to this game 15 times already. Maybe if you got rid of that same-sex-attraction you got then maybe you'd get some lovers that don't have dicks. Oh, better yet, maybe that streamer you've been simping on will call you if she ever looses her sanity or restraining order she got on you. GAY-MER

Interesting how Quinn has a recurring pregnancy nightmare, but admits to not knowing about sex stuff, even kissing. Hmmm.

The Bossa Novas: Fresh Rhythms

SMTK Music: Dub Hip Hop

The Krenhkrov Brothers: Electro Swing

Pheonse is sounding like a Karen :o

Ur still better, but I got pretty close...

You still use fuel, there's just no animation.

*is unable to even clap due to awe*

It's so good I don't even know what they could add.

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Best drift everyone?  Mine is 956.

What are you even talking about?