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Teemu Kokkonen, designer


  • Pen, paper
  • Airtable
  • Miro
  • Pixlr E

Development time: ~15 hours

The game relates to "Board Game Ecologies" in a sense that the players need to gather resources and manage those to complete common goals or to improve their performance.

For the difficulty curve I don't think you need to limit the lengths too much, even though a few short levels in the beginning grant easy successes for the player, but maybe introducing different kind of obstacles like moving walls and jumps gradually. For a rough example could be that there's a jump you need to make on hole 3, and a few different jumps on holes 4 and 5, then on the 6th there's a rotating wall but no jumps and only combining those two a bit later on the 8th hole or something like that. It doesn't necessarily have to be just a single mechanic or obstacle every time something is introduced, but it's good to have a safe level for learning how to fail and succeed with the new mechanic

What is the correct pacing of new challenges so that it doesn't get too boring or difficult is up to you and your level designer :)

Gave it a shot. An alright idea for the aesthetics for the game. A couple of notes from my ~10 minute session:

  • I played with 1600x900 windowed resolution, the UI doesn't seem to scale with the resolution.
  • The difficulty curve seemed inconsistent. Minigolf isn't really a complex concept but the first and second levels felt a bit crammed with level mechanics whereas the third looked like a simplish jump.
  • The second level didn't have a kill trigger on the bottom. The ball didn't automatically revert to previous position after reaching the bottom (and I couldn't move either)

Otherwise it doesn't look too bad, although changing the default button textures and fonts will make a big difference in the game looking like itself. It's easier to test with people when the UX looks and feels good!


Oh, looks like it didn't save it when I added it to the profile. Here: