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Dr Worm

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looks promising! the style is gorgeous!!

my first ending was the child soldier one, but i like how there is no true ending here it could be any one of these just depending on what you read all the evidence as and i think thats awesome

really cute!

this is one of the best games i played like first of all the concept of having to type out what you want to do and then all the cute characters and its just ahagdhagah please i love this so much

very unique idea! i wish there were more levels to play lol, but you did a really good job on this

ohh i see it, it on the little number pad so i didnt see it at first tysm!

wait i may be dumb but whats the home key?? ive tried just about every key possible and nothing happened please help

!!!!!! RUBATO !!!!!!!

Please this is such a good game im not really into platformers but this is such a good game

if you make it past the boss, make sure to check out the little customization shop at the end, theres some silly skins to use


i-   i forgot that saving was a thing and i made it through about 3 solid hours of it... i lost all of my progress

i hate taxes...

nice game!