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This was one of the first games I've played of Dema studios...

It was completely worth it! Thank you for making this game!

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Hey it wasn't my things so throwing away expensive stuff... Meh. Also great game!

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A really great game, very fast paced and loved the soundtrack. Even went through with the Speedrun mode.

With its nice 1990's camera look and creepy as hell atmosphere... This was a pretty nice game. Please let there be more of this...

BREAK EVERYTHING SIMULATOR, now with stupid commentary :)

One of the best ways to let off steam... Or just like blowing up things, either way such a fun and simple game!

I honestly didn't know where else to post this so had to make a new topic? Anyway...

Made a video of this lil' game, it was pretty fun to play though...

Found this game and gave it a try... I have no regrets.

Side Note: Thank you for creating this

Apart from some bugs and tons of rage appearing out of nowhere, this game was really good!

Not really a big fan of horror, but this game was absolutely fun to play even for its size!

So many dirty rooms, so many toilets uncleaned... and so many fun packages to give! Even made a video playing  this game!

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So I thought to myself when this game popped up was 'Why not give it a try?'. Not only was this game stupidly fun to play, it makes for good videos! This was the first game in this segment.