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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely try that!  I'm looking forward to the custom meshes, I had read that you were going to try to implement them on the RPG Maker forum.  (:

Thank you for the update, firstly!  Secondly, I'm having a bit of trouble with some of the object events.  Ideally, I'd love to put the gold bars or silver bars in the bank as decorations (basically to liven up the place in the background).  I've tried setting the shape to fence, tree, sprite and flat to achieve this illusion, but nothing has worked so far.

What I'd like it to look like is the bars are sitting flat on the counter in the background, so I used the flat shape to get it to sit parallel with the counter.  The issue I'm having is that it completely flattens the event to look like a piece of paper (for lack of better words).  Is there any way to add some volume to it, like maybe using the Z() command or something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you again for this awesome plugin!

Thank you for these!  They're nicely made and really cute!  (Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to donate at the moment, but will as soon as I'm able to.)

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Does this work with the battle mechanics, too?  I would also suggest including a simplified version of test codes or commands; I got a little confused with some of the ones provided, but either way, I really look forward to using this.  Thank you for your hard work!