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Thanks for sharing this 

It's fun! :D

It was pretty annoying since i had to skip a lot of the Spawn system and pretty UI plus sounds

But the 3D moddeler did an amazing job with the models are they're super funky and fun! :D

We have talked about continuing development if the game gets some attention

Weby Gut Gaimeee

I feel good that i got a supa hiiigh scoreeeeeeeee

Actually reminds me a lot of Doodle jump so Great job man!

Our team has done some really freaking dope work

The 3d models are incredible and the arkwardness of the whole game is Funky in so many ways

I had to take the Level design role 2 days before the end of the jam so the level is a bit bland but besides that the game has come together really nice and is generally very fun and Janky. I really hope all of you is gonna enjoy it and i am looking forward to playing some of your submissions as well!! i know you all worked really hard so i wish you the best of luck! :D


Hyrax Games was first ;)

Oh that sucks :( Hopefully you're going to sell a lot of copies of your future games so you can get a better pc! :D

I will in the future make a DX11 build with very low-end graphics so more people can play :D

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have you extracted the saiborrai folder from the zip to another folder and do you have a DX12 Graphics card?

Thanks for checking it out btw!

Go into AppData and find the folder where the game's data is stored and then delete that, it's in either Local or LocalLow

Then simply restart the game and thank me later!
This is due to a previous driver dump proberly because you're running a newer generation Nvidia 2060-3060 and they have issues with Unreal Engine 5.1

This is why i quickly updated my game to 5.3 so this woulden't happen

I checked out the Streaming schedule and in "CEST" time the stream is going to take place December 2nd at 5:00 - 9:00"4am-8am"

Just wanted to share it so we don't miss it as watching people playing your game is awesome.

I went with the Central European timezome as that's a good baseline

How long did you get? :D

just let the goons get you and then click the noobmode swich button 😀

Also hold down the middle mouse button without having an active weapon to use decypher mode

new version is up now!

And it's working soo much better than before :D Hope you gonna have fun!

Their is a Double barrel shotgun on the Table in the VIP area of Sams bar
Be sure to pick that up before picking up the pistol at Tifa's!

No worries!
Nice game :D

I am not a super big fan of Visual Novels but this one is actually one of the few onces that is pretty freaking good!

Their is tons of dialouge and more than enough content

For sure check it out

It get 8 chocolate bars out of 7 Apples

I am packaging the new Version!

The old one had a bug but if your weapons stop working just let the goons get you and then restart, it is fixed in the new version!

I am downloading your game now!

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EYY! thanks! I spent a lot making the envirioment and it looks WEVY NAICE! By the way, you can set the bot difficulty in the Settings menu because they are damn hard !

I am gonna quicky post the updated version that runs better and is much more stable!

PLZ! make sure to check out the noobmode! I spent a good few hours messing around with it and it's super fun! :D

Looks fun! :D

Let's support each other and try out the different games people have posted :D

QUick remove your submission and add it again.

Same happened to me

Remember to try out Noobmode!

You can attach a scope to your pistol and climb walls 

Ah, alright!

I just saw 10 USD and that's totally fair, but if their is a pricetag nobody is gonna play it.

Maybe make a Demo page and upload that instead fast before the submissions end? This for sure would bring in way more people so your game gets more exposure

Now you can slay goons and actually win the game!

Go check it out, it's super fun

And... you can also mount a GIANT FREAKING SCOPE on your pistol and run on walls in Noobmode too, so do some parkour as well as it's freaking awesome

you should make a free demo and then after the jam release the full game :D

Wevy gut Game

If you can make some dope enviriomental sound for SaiBorRai, that would be awesome!

It's on my for free

Looks awesome man! :D

Rush Fight community · Created a new topic Super chill

Kinda a cool minigame! Unforthanly i died at 99 :( But i like the overall idea!

We had the naming idea i see

I call my characters special ability for Decipher mode :D

SaiBorRai is a awesome game i am making with nice smooth graphics and gameplay where you play as Nakano, a Cyborg Samurai in a Cyberpunk scene "the city of Aluminescence" on your quest to take revenge on some really bad goons who has been taking control of the city.

The game is currently undergoing a massive update and this means i would love to have some custom art on the wall as i do not wanna use AI since i have been working 500+ hours over a span of 30 days and the game is really special to me! :D

You can check out and play the game for free on my if interested

Check out my specifially SaiBorRai
This is the game i will be submitting to the jam! :D

So, the game is called SaiBorRai, You fight goons that over time scale in amount and save the day!

You can check out the game on my profile and explore a bit

"NOTE" the game is right now in a very early beta version so i am fixing the bugs and whatever, but for anyone interested i need some art pieces for the bars and if you're a sound person, hey, could be cool with some better audio effects as well!

This game was developed doing November so that checks that box as well!

For anyone interested, Feel free to drop a message!

Actually a really cool game! :D

Thanks for including a Functional menu, Pretty Nice! :D

I rate it 5 chickens out of 7 Lamborghinies

It's actually a pretty cool and simple game

Usually i am not a big fan of 2D games but this is actually super cozy and i appreciate the simplicity by not having all kinds of different stuff in the background

Solid 10/10 considering the time you've spent on it :)

Now i feel like the Snake King :D

Pretty fun game, Needs a little work on the controls but overall pretty fun and chill

Good job! :D