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Hi, definitely interesting. I looked into the Jobs system briefly and it seems like a lot of others encounter the difficulty of trying to use Jobs without copying large amounts of static data between jobs and the main thread. It seems like Unity Jobs is a lot more "managed" in this way. Some people suggest using native multi-threading instead, like C# async/await, which are more flexible with concurrent data access and should be safe if your threads only need access to read-only data.

That said, you've got one of the most interesting evo sim projects going right now and I'm pretty excited to see where it goes. I even got to teach my gf about neural nets because it happened to be on screen at the time. crazy

Hi, thanks for the follow up. Do you think decoupling the AI and physics from unity's draw loop is possible to give you enough control to implement separating it into multiple threads? (physics/AI loop on a timer, influenced by the game speed setting, draw loop on maximum/vsync with some linear interpolation between physics frames) I don't have experience with Unity so I can't say for sure myself if this is possible

I wouldn't ask you to implement this right away since it's a lot of work, but using all of the CPU's cores seems like an important step for an evolutionary simulator that takes time to run and is bottlenecked by AI and heatmap calculations. just food for thought

Hi, quick question,

to what extent is this program able to use multiple core for simulation? I notice that my cpu usage overall for this game is hovering around 8% for my 16 core system, with simulation speed as high as it will go