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If you would like to try this experience, please send me an email at so I can explain how to play this. I have tested on WMR, but should also work with HTC Vive. You need to hold the controllers sideways, not the way you would traditionally hold the controller, imagine the controller is the handlebars of the waverunner. Please refer to the picture uploaded.

@mikeNspired it is indeed cutting a solid mesh dynamically at runtime. Unity allows manipulation of mesh vertices and textures at runtime. There are a few mesh cutting tools out there, the one I used is called Shatter Toolkit which can be found on the asset store. From there, it was simply a matter of converting the planar cuts from 2D XY (with mouse) to 3D with appropriate rotation angles. Currently, when you cut, it will always make a straight cut (planar cut), which is actually quite difficult to do when cutting with a real sword, so in a way, you are cutting as a master swordsman as a result. If I were to expand on this game idea, I would like to figure out how to make curved cuts work with dynamic meshes, which is something that doesn't seem possible currently or at least is very difficult. This way, you can actually get rated on the quality of your cut, whether it was a clean/straight cut, or whether it curved or changed direction through the target.

@johnjoemcbob Thanks for the comments, I updated this so the menu works with the Leap Motion. I also improved the Thrown Tatami gameplay - should be a bit easier/nicer to cut now.

Awesome, zachkinstner, very smart way to do that.

Also, how did you do the string vibration? It's pretty dope.

Very awesome! Had a bug where at first it didn't detect the Leap, but ran it again and it worked. I want to learn how to play a song with this so I can impress all the ladies with my nerdiness (screw playing a normal guitar).

Very cool demo! Also, I recognize your company from a talk I went to at GDC 2015. I liked the talk so much, I looked you guys up. Keep up the good work!

I like the look and design and sounds, but was hoping for a more interactive gameplay experience. Would be cool if you can either control where the hand is relative to the body or maybe make your hands control the momentum of the body. Here is a demo with a similar concept if you haven't seen it yet:


Very hard lol I got a good arm work out from it though! Also, the sound is a bit too loud. I like the challenge of what seems it should be easy.