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Could you build a version for Linux / RasPi? This would be ideal for kids.

For some reason the failure music in this is scary and mellow at the same time, possibly how the final note drops to the bass but is just a regular major key note, not a sting or anything. Fascinating and well done.

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After mentioning it on discord it seems that some authors used free-scroll mice or touchpad slide gestures which don't have the problem a mousewheel has, that eventually your finger has gone as far as it can and you have to stop to reposition it, so you can only scroll in short bursts. To be fair, a crank would not have that problem, so it is more representative of the actual playdate, but awkward to play if you have a regular mouse.

Is there a recommended sensitivity level for the mouse wheel? I mention this because my mouse wheel seems to return low input values to LoVE and as a result a number of the games are much slower than intended or even unplayable because of the amount of turning required. Is there some way to get an idea of how the authors had the game calibrated for their mouse wheels?

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When I get to "cut the fillets" my knife falls to the ground and can't be moved by WASD or anything else?

Edit: seems this is caused by mouse wheel scaling, if using a real mouse wheel, you can't continuously scroll upwards for long enough to make the knife move.

Someone found a bug right after submission.. if you lose on the same beat you step on the target, the "change!" message appears instead of the failure reason. But pressing space to restart still works.

This is a 100% different game with a controller as opposed to the mouse wheel - controller highly recommended. That said, if I get to the right with the drink, I get the message "Get back to the bar!" but pressing down to serve the drink then gives the game over message with no reason why.