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No exact dates just yet - but the info we have for now is 2024

The Steam version has remote play.

Thank you for playing!

We're busy doing just that :) 

Linux will be something the teams looks at in the future. 

We like that you like it! Thank you for playing. 

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Click the blue "download now" button above and then choose the relevant download for your operating system. 

You need to make sure you download the Neurolink Demo version depending on your operating system : 

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Have you tried: Right click the app -> Get info -> Tick the box 'Open with Rosetta'  ?

Thanks for the report - we are aware of these issues. Can you please let us know more about what you're playing on and what iOS you're using -thanks. 

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We've taken note of certain menu-related issues on specific Macs. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Could you kindly provide further details about the device you're using and the iOS version?

Just make sure you aren't trying the Mac version on a Windows machine and vice versa :) 

The only way to get the old versions right now is to ask someone on the Free Lives Discord :

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Thank you for the kind words - we love that you love it!
Ps: Gave your upload a like on YT. 

Thank you for saying so!

The team appreciates the compliments - thank you! 

No official exact dates yet, but 2024 is the info we have at the moment.  

So you're saying you wouldn't be keen on a VR version? High octane is great description, thank you for playing. 

Thank you!

My bad - when you said hardcore I thought you were referring to the music. Having various difficulties is something the team is looking at for the full game. Thanks for the feedback. 

Can you really ever have too much hardcore? 

The team appreciates the upload - thank you! 


HotKick Yourami

Thanks for playing! The team appreciates the support. What was your favourite part of the demo? 

Someone might still have that version over on the Free Lives Discord ;)

If you've clicked the invite - it should work

The OSX build available on currently lacks support for controllers. However, I'd like to assure you that our team has plans to incorporate controller support in the full game.

We love that you love it! Thank you for playing.

Thanks for the stream! The team appreciates the support

Click the blue "Download Now" button above

Can you tell us more about your setup and what happens when you try? 

The reason I asked is because most of the time when people had the grey screen error - they opened it with Rosetta and it worked for them. 

Hi there, I just need to double check which version you downloaded?

No official news on the exact price yet. We'll let everyone know when that changes. 

The team is working on cool new content as we speak! Thank you for the support and kind words. 

Like love/hate or hate/hate? Thanks for playing :) 

The team appreciates the support! Thank you :) 

Someone over on the Free Lives Discord might have it for you :

That is correct! :)