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Thanks a lot. I am glad you liked it 😀

Nice Game

feel free to contact me if you encounter any problem while using this game engine. I recommend you to use the version that is hosted on Github for more features

Hello. Welcome to bottlecap.js community

Its cross-platform cause its written in Javascript. It can run on a Web Browser, or you can wrap it in Electron or Cordova.

No problem bro, I am planning to host another version of this jam next week. You can post this tool there. Also if you I am looking for a co-host for the jam, so if you are interested you can contact me on the jam's official discord server (link on the main page).

Great job pal!

Namaste 🙏

Thanks for this beautiful comment. Wish you and your family a beautiful day.

Jam's deadline has been extended by 1 day so people can add extra polish to their tools

The Announcements related to the Jam will be made here.

Like Your Life??? So on scale of 0 to 10, how much boring it was?

its simple and fun but i spotted some bugs and i have few suggestions also

1) You loose two lives if you fall off the platforms instead of one life. is this intentional??

2) The Screen size is really small

3) I like the feel of the game but the platforms are really too cluttered


Instead of using the ArrowUp key for jump, you can use the Spacebar.

That's all i have to say. and again it's a very nice game.

thanks bro

Really awesome and well polished game. loved the color scheme and the theme.

Thanks a lot


Thank you so much :)

Can i submit just the HTML5 game and not the exe???

I am working on a Pixel art tool. Am I allowed to submit tools in this Jam??

Ahmm...if anybody is intrested, there is 2d game engine called bottlecap.js which is completely modular and superlightweight

....yes its a shameless self-promotion

Thanks for your feedback.

it's a library and yes you can also download it and use it with your existing project.

hi guys! you can try out, a JavaScript based game engine for making 2d hyper-casual games with simple but modern code!

Hello bro can i make this game into a bottlecap.js game? just to showcase its hyper-casual and unique game design.

Yes cause I need more people to use it because then only it will improve.

bottlecap community · Created a new topic Happy New Year

Hi Guys, A Very very happy and prosperous New Year to All of You. May this New Year Bring more joy in your life.

bottlecap community · Created a new topic DevHelp

Ask The Developers For Help.

Early Prototype of Sneaky Tails

hi guys! you can try out, a JavaScript based game engine for making 2d hyper-casual games with simple but modern code!

Play Or Die - a mini-game made for the Mini Game Jam 68 - Sleep

bottlecap community · Created a new topic Showcase

Come forward to showcase your games. Here are some of the initial games that were created with earlier versions of bottlecap.js

1) Play Or Die

2) Sneaky Tails

bottlecap community · Created a new topic Rules

The rules

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bottlecap community · Created a new topic Welcome
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This thread is the welcome thread to welcome newcomers. come forward to introduce yourself.

Thanks bro, we will surely add more game play elements by tommorow

Thanks for playing my game and for this lovely comment.

The pixel art is nice, but since i am not able to play it ( cuz i am on linux ), i cant rate it. but by looking at the screenshots i can tell you its looking beautiful. keep up the good work. more power to you!