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I can't wait for the map to come out tomorrow!

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If you'd like to demo your in-progress or finished jam projects on our public Twitch stream fill out our submission form ASAP! Link:


+ How do I share my project?
Join @Daniel Voth in the Twitch Stream - VC on Discord ( and simply share the window of your project running in editor or a build.

+ What if our project isn't finished?
The goal is to share all your hard work with the community so we welcome all games in various levels of completeness!

+ I was in a team, can we all present together?
Yes! Simply follow the same steps as listed above.

Any questions? Let me know!

This jam page is intended for people from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Do y'all have twitter accounts?

Maybe an odd comment but a well designed itch page. Although I will also play your game ;P

Are you able to provide a windows build?

Y'all should make a windows build!

Thanks for your feedback :) It feels really good to be able to work with such talented people on a emotional driven experimental-ish project.

Join us this coming Tuesday, June 28th 7:30pm at the Yellow Dog Tavern for the Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup as we discuss post Peg Jam 2016 including post mortem's and public showcases. Dylan will also be bringing the Winnitron to play some of the PegJam 2016 games.