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Demo games are only 1 section at a time you would have to download each individually, patreon build just download the most recent file, its the whole game.

Brehhh I'm workin on it RIEGHT NAOWWWW. 4 scenes all animated, It's been a challenge, really crushing my balls but I'm getting it done. Should be out this month.

simply by finding Sprites, dear chum! 

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So-- if you have a Mac maybe you could enlighten me? 

I borrowed a friends macbook air and created a mac build, and I was able get the game file to run if I transferred it over from a flash drive, however if I downloaded the zip file from the Patreon it was somehow locked and I was not able to play it...Is this a common issue for Mac gamers, and if so is there a common workaround for it? Would love some insight on this issue from any mac gamers, would love to get this desktop build running for mac! 

I uploaded an experimental file for mac, please let me know if you have any trouble with the file or if it works for you, Thank you!! 

thanks big homie! I’m tryna elevate the whole damn experience!

genius concept and great execution, graphics were really pleasant as well, I loved it! 

ddd XD

Potatoes are best cooked fried, mashed or baked friend! But if you think your device is not a potato, I recommend using Brave browser, I JUST played through it and it performed perfectly.  I find most browser games lag on chrome and firefox. GL! 

Thanks! Also, you are the winner of the free giveaway! Just e-mail me at  and I'll send you game. Congrats! 

Hi, sorry you are having an issue. You can try playing it at
you can also download the demo in the below. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! 

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hey folks! I want to giveaway a free copy of the latest desktop build!

So here's what I'm thinking: drop a comment in this here ole comment section, preferably some constructive criticism.  

I'll pick 1 random commenter to win a free desktop build! 

deadline is November 20th!! 

EDIT Giveaway is Closed Folks! 

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Thanks for bringing to attention, looks like there is suddenly an issue with the upload...I will fix this as soon as I can!


Browser version should be working now! unfortunately no downable demo available until further notice due to technical issues. 

yo!  I check my inbox most often at twitter (@hyperbeamart) and newgrounds, same username there. Hit me up any time!

Love your retro Pokemon style, sends me right back to the old days! Would love to see this world expanded with some classic rpg elements. Great stuff! 

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words! Yes in a perfect world I could sit around and make free games all day but I gotta eat some bread every now and then XD Glad you liked the new demo!! :D I have turned sticky keys pop up off as well XD no idea why I haven't tried to do that sooner myself lol! 

love the art style! I think this kind of gameplay would benefit a lot from having some more narrow corridor areas, maybe some simple castle ruins to bottleneck the player. Then you can spring traps on them >:) Also shift key for attack always activates the sticky keys prompt on windows, which gets super annoying when you are wrist deep in EYEBALL HEAD SOLDIER JUICE. Love the concept though, the power ups are satisfying to get. Would love to see more get build onto this! 

super cool I love it! 

HMMMMM, assuming what I've seen weren't just pre built assets......great stuff! controls feels quick and responsive, ui is clean and clear. Lots of potential, I would say ease up difficulty on your start zone, let the player get their hands on a sword  easier at least (unless I'm just dumb and couldn't find one) start zone in general felt a little slapped together and very maze like (no so much in a good way...) Would love to see some of this get polished it. Good luck!

Hi, yes a better tutorial is needed to make sure players get the gist of it. It's a simple premise, any area that seams suspicious/curious, press F to check if there is a sprite hiding there. It could be a circle of rocks, an oddly colored spot on the ground, maybe a slightly unique stone that stands out from the rest of the area. Kind of an Easter egg hunt, just check any spot that looks curious. I hope that helps, good luck! 

Hey thanks a ton for saying this, I really appreciate it! More updates are currently in the works, stay tuned! 

Sometimes you need to see what's beyond that golden horizon...I did nerf the pea-shooter fire rate in future updates tho lol. 

Forgot to respond to you! Someone else had this issue and it turned out they had a controller plugged in. Controller will make the player move, so make sure there is no controller or anything else like that plugged in.

This was super cool! I typically use WASD controls so I would have played a bit longer if I had that option, but the graphics were clean and simple yet pleasing, controls felt smooth. A great start to a project. I see you haven't updated in a while, I hope you are working on something cool! 

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graphics, sound and overall aesthetic reminded me of playing batman for the game boy, excellent job on that feel! The game was a little difficult for me nowadays though, but only because I've become L A Z Y lol. Good stuff! 

Good for a laugh though, I feel like most of the really negative review I get are just people who are bad at the game and horribly frustrated by their own incompetence.

Runs fine on a Lenovo ideapad...
Just uploaded a downloadable version, should run better for you. 

Man, really intriguing setting and concepts! I feel like I struggled with feeling like controls were clunky, where as I feel like that was intentional to a degree it was a little too much for me to want to keep going for too long. I think with elbow grease and effort the project could be refined and smoothed out to a really awesome experience, keep it up! 

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really awesome so far, I like the combat system! 

Seems fun, I didn't get too far because using keyboard B settings in Brave browser it keeps opening bookmark tab -_- 

might consider switching attack and jump to more neutral keys like L & K or something. Looks good besides that! 

Already shows more promise than recent sonic games XD 

The controls are real slippery which does make control very difficult. I had most my luck controlling the character with the mouse instead of turning with A/D, maybe add an option to increase mouse sensitivity so players can turn quicker just by using the mouse. Also maybe instead of A/D turning character, it makes them lean left/right, so it's not such an aggressive turn. 

 Graphics are killer, lots of polish put into visuals, it looks really good! 

Hi, sorry for late reply, this has been a common issue that I have not been able to recreate, have you tried the downloadable version? I'm guessing the issue should not persist in that version.

Yes! Back in the saddle! Thanks for playing!! 

Hey nice guide, I think you missed the extra wiggly reeds and the bubbling spots in the water. (though I think a lot of people might have missed those...) The glowing Beetili spot in the forest is indeed an "advanced game mechanic" and not a glitch XD I thought it was a cool feeling to go there and be like " but wait I could swear I saw something..." and then check the area and find her anyhow. 

Thanks so much for the comment!! I really apricate input like this. Yes the art is always a work in progress, I think I know what you mean about the back, pop kapow.  all too often I see better artists work and I'm like "man I wish I could draw like that" But I am always working on improve, and am just posting the sexiest stuff I am capable of. 

Yes I plan to dial back some of the censoring for the future, maybe just doing some kind of bonus content for patrons but letting others access the full main content. Thanks again, I love constructive comments like this! 

Hi, unfortunately yes there are 2 scenes that are censored and will stay that way in the demos. I probably wont censor in this way in the future since it was not received very well lol, I think it feels a little too much like a cock-block kind of thing. The demo still has 5 other scenes to view non censored. 

Hey I forgot to say thank you for mentioning all those bugs, it is nearly impossible to catch every little thing so posts like yours are extremely helpful! You are helping the game be as good as it can be! Thank you!! 

Lol it's all good I enjoyed the Question! 

Have had this bug from a couple people, one time it went away for someone. Just tested it runs fine for me. Would recommend trying a different browser.

Wow you are a champ, thank you so much!! 

So I always liked the idea of "Pokemon but with sexy lewd monster girls" and I tried making the "Monster girl venture" game, where there are areas of grass and the monster girls pop up, then you play a guitar hero type minigame. I ultimately scrapped it because the core game had framerate type issues which is no good for "hit the button at a precise moment. " 

So I figured a simpler core gameplay loop and one that has less potential for error was "Look for unique spots and there is a lewd Sprite hiding there!" This idea was more so inspired by Zelda, link to the past specifically.

 In that game there were bombable walls that were always obviously marked, it was supposed to be a secret but once you know what the mark was all mystery was lost. In the original Zelda game you had to bomb all the walls randomly to find secrets, and I always thought "why cant we get an in-between for these, so its not a shot in the dark completely but it's not smh so obvious, you might lose a couple bombs but it would feel totally worth it" So I was excited to build around that concept. 

It is a challenge to come up with new hiding spots that are just exactly hard enough to find. Especially when the full game version is supposed to climb in difficulty but the demos may be played by people who have never played it before. 

Anhow that's pretty much it. thanks again for pledging!!  (I guess it's called pledging on Patreon) it really does help me feel like I'm getting closer to just making cool games for people full time. Cheers!!