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hyper sun

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Every time I find out some of the characters relations to others it makes me so happy lol. I'm pretty unobservant so it took me a while to even realize that was a thing but I just love Mock and Birdie as a couple and Bugs and Zigi are the cutest siblings and I love that there's a three generation family. I just love the characters.

No it’s just completely black :( I have to force quit the game.

(spoiler alert?) The game was really glitchy for me the whole time but then when it got to the point with the dream where Jack explains things, when I tried to exit the dream theater, the screen just went black and wouldn't transition out of the room. I rebooted the game a few times and I had to watch that sequence over and over again but it just won't work, so I can't finish it.

That ending down South sure was a wild ride all the way through :o

I love your games, they're so cute. It's so cool to see someone my age who is so talented :D

Dude I'm so sad. I really shipped the mc and that awkward supervisor. I needed more of the story :O I'm cryingggg