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thank you!!!!

so i forgot

I redownloaded and started it up a bunch of times till it worked. I was worried about the DLC's but they're here so that's mainly all that matters. Thanks for getting back to me! 

I thought it'd be easier to ask here instead of Steam. This pop up showed when I tried to get on the game today. Is this fixable without redownloading- and will it save data?

the fact this exists is beautiful thank you 

...oh god.

im trying so hard to get the secret ending and im going to keep this comment here so i don't forget >:0

looks like im not studying

haha! I was here early so as a result I got the demo version. I was trying to get all the endings but that flopped, obviously. I came back and now it's back up! I've been playing for a while hitting up all the endings (メ▼ー▼)/●~* I'm really glad I came back to check. I love your content!!