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Is there a twitter account to follow for the project?

<3  I'm glad you had a good time!  Every button is going to get expanded on more in the final game so look forward to that!

You can charge your attack in the middle of any other animation, including spells, pulse attacks, item use, blocking, when you're stunned, etc.  Charging in the middle of the last hit of your 3 hit combo also matches up perfectly.

Yeah we really wanted to push the difficulty more, but the need to be both a tutorial and a showcase of other aspects of the game ended up with us reigning things in a bit to make sure everyone had the chance to complete the demo.
If you want something more challenging to sink your teeth into, there's a secret boss you can find on your current save file, here's a clip one of our fans took showing how to find it.

The demo does support them, I play with one regularly.

We need to work on that.  Right now some parts of the game aren't translation friendly (tutorials are png files) but we're working on translation support as soon as the Kickstarter is over.

Hot damn can I get a copy of that thumbnail art?

We'll have to look into increasing clarity on those kinds of elements.
Thank you for your pledge and thank you for playing the demo too!

We'll be documenting these issues and pushing out a patch for them very soon.

Hi, you can pause the game at any time with escape, and use the option menu to change your keys to whatever you prefer.

The crash you experienced was a result of not unzipping the game before running it.  The game crashed when you touched a save point because the folder was zipped and could not find the file to save to.


Love the game but the final boss will kill me from full hp in 1 turn.