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Great game! I like the idea of being the projectile. It took some getting used to at the beginning. The graphics were fantastic really hit home the fantasy console idea, I'm really impressed you were able to accomplish so much with so "little". Fantastic Job!

How did you get those graphics to work? Seriously impressive. It took a little while to get used to the controls but was fun to play once I got some control. I really liked the over all style, and it was fun to play.

Really difficult, wasn't able to finish, only got past the first two jumps three times.

What a way to nail the theme, it started our kinda slow, but then bam it got difficult quickly. I really like the mechanics, and the controls. Overall great job!

Wow, really impressed you got all this done for the jam! Really fun to play, will be coming back for to this for sure.

I like the progression of difficulty, also the jump itself has a really nice feel, always felt in control, and just long enough to make the platforms. Fun game!

I thought this did a great job of hitting the theme, the game mechanics were good, but the controls were difficult. Really enjoyed the artwork especially the background tiles. 

So much fun! We might have turned what was supposed to be a quick game in to best 2-of-3, then 3-of-5. Great game.

I really enjoyed playing this, it has an arcade look and feel that I really admire, especially with the intro and audio. Well done!