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The visuals are so cute. Love this farming game!

As a big fan of cooking game, I enjoy it a lot!!! The visuals are attractive and make me hungry after playing this game. I want to cook more dishes at this time, and I'm going to cook after it hahaha.

Really interesting ideas and visuals! The foods are extremely adorable and healing, which makes me want to make more and more.

The setting of moving upwards with a mouse is interesting! Im not good at it at first, but after a few times, I got used to it. BTW the visuals are super attractive!

It reminds me of my childhood with electronic pet hahaha. Super cute! I really enjoy it.

Hot Pot community · Created a new topic Interesting Setting

I enjoyed it a lot. The setting is really interesting, especially the part of the pot has to escape from the chef's attacks. I'm not good at it, but it still brings fun!

I love this game! I really like characters' visuals, also ducks. The background setting-Penelope with duck friends is super interesting for me. I also love the characters' personalities, which are warm and healing.

The visuals are super adorable! I like how you designed levels with various cute cats. There was a bug when I playing it, but I really enjoy your game!