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Amazing work as always!

Seriously great job with these! They already looked good, but they're looking even more cohesive with each update.

Wow, that grass improvement is huge! It wasn't bad at all before but seeing the before/after is eye opening. Nicely done. Will be nice to use it and mix and match the new with some of the old trees and underbrush.

I thought there was a way to skip the "tutoring" section with Molly, but now it's completely unskippable? Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but it's a really inconvenient section. I'm not playing this game to actually get tested on some random knowledge that is all entirely unrelated XD Not to mention something a kid would never learn lol

That is great to hear! Thank you for the response. Looking forward all your future packs and updates.

This pack and the updates have been so good! A great addition to the others.

Please tell me we're getting a jungle and possibly a jungle temple!

The fact that this and dozens of other AI generated backgrounds come up when I search "Top Down" and "Pixel art" assets is not cool. Please tag your assets accordingly.

Seriously the webcam scenes are AWFUL. At least other scenes give you a small mini game to speed things along. That guitar is so annoying.

There is no "Hero Raid" button on the map...? I've reloaded, I've quit, loaded a new game. No Hero Raid button, only the notifications that I need to do it. Very inconvenient.

This is looking great! 

Where do we go to suggest updates? I would absolutely love to see some sort of boats or even a cruise ship implemented, I think that would be fantastic.

This honestly might be one of the best top down packs I've ever seen on here. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Amazing! I've been hoping for more suburban homes like this~!

There's no way to buy or download this?

really lovely work! The transparency of the store windows is a great touch!

I love the color palette of the image, but I'm a little confused, there are "10 beautifully crafted buildings" but the preview is just of one, and it's a square house.
I'd love to see some previews of the others before buying. Also, why are there so many (148) files if it's only 10 buildings? 

It would also be very helpful to know what size this is at. 16x16? 

Oh my god THANK YOU FOR THIS. OG assets desperately needed some diversity.

Thank you so much!!

Just got this and it's amazing! I'd really love it if there were some sort of Bar top for a tavern. That would be incredibly helpful. One with corners so you could make it turn any direction would be so awesome!

Just started having fun with this in RPGM MV and it is hands down my favorite modern asset pack out there! Worth every penny.
Please please please update this! It's almost perfect but I'd love to see a couple more building types for the Overworld (like a school). Maybe a couple extra options for roof architectures for  homes and some sewers would be amazing.

Is this compatible with your beach tileset too?