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Yep, I'm having the same problem.

edit: Ah,i figured it out, you have to change your windows regional format to English (USA), I'm brazilian so mine was set for portuguese (BR), I imagine yours is set to spanish.

On windows 10 it's under time & language > region

Though this is something the devs should handle on their side eventually.

Ah, alright, I was just making sure, since there are options for sound I was wondering if it could be something on my end, creating something like this in 7 days is no joke I'm sure.

It's pretty fun regardless of sound anyway.

Is this supposed to have sounds and music?

You gotta hold Shift to have precise manual control over the angle.

I mean... it takes literally around 3 minutes to download and install (it's a very small download), but ok :P

Winrar works anyway.

Turned out way better than I thought it would, pretty satisfying to put the thing together.

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No reason why not to use 7zip instead, it's actually free and open source, plus it's objectively better.

It takes care of anything winrar does and then some. opens .zip files without the need of any additional software since windows xp.... it's literally the most simple thing ever.

In case you can't figure out I recommend getting 7-zip, it's free and works great.