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Hey mate! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share this, hearing that you carry my game around on a thumb drive is absolutely magical so thank you for that! Made my week I think haha

I totally agree with you too, gameplay is the most important element of any good game. I'm still in the process of getting it released with the lovely people at GOG, but thank you for supporting the game here first mate! Appreciate it a lot

TLDR: 10/10 made my week

Thank you so much mate, always warms my heart to get comments on this dead game. It was once my baby and the depression when I lost it at first was immenese. I'd love to remake the concept in the future though haha!

I love the RNG, sometimes you get super lucky and sometimes you get it terrible but it's just the way of the wastes and you never know haha

No worries mate, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Cheers @Mod for moving the thread for me!

Good Luck mate!

This has been a long time coming but I'm glad to be able to release the new trailer. It's rough around the edges but represents Warsim very well I think!

I recorded the voice over at a friends bedroom studio and the editing was done by a friend of someone I met while sparring haha.

Would love to know what you think! :)

This has been a long time coming but I'm glad to be able to release the new trailer. It's rough around the edges but represents Warsim very well I think! I recorded the voice over at a friends bedroom studio and the editing was done by a friend of someone I met while sparring haha. Would love to know what you think! :)

Good stuff, can't wait to see more!

Hmm, that is very strange, if this is still happening can you send me a save file so I can catch the error.

Hey buddy, what's the error message? That's an odd one

Thank you for the kind and considerate comment mate, and sorry for the late reply <3

I appreciate you!

Hey thank you for writing this and I'm sorry for the delay in replying, I've been away for a bit :)

So for the demon horde, you can disable them by using the debug menu.

Go to options then 7) Extras

In there go to the cheat menu and then enter 399

Return to the main game menu and you'll notice a new option at the bottom '15) Debug Mode Options'

Enter 15 and then choose option 5

Here you can make any tweaks to the demon horde you want. Then when you want to be rid of the menu, go back to the developer debug mode and enter 12. Or just back out and keep the debug menu accessible there, but may also unlock debug menus in random places in the world.

As for the thoughts on thje game, I really appreciate them. It means a lot that you enjoy the humour. I'd definitely class myself as a goblin friend haha

Also love the flag in your profile image :)

Thanks again for the lovely comment and I hope you enjoy the game even more <3

Hello mate,

I'm glad you enjoyed playing the old version of the game. As for the suggestions I can't really take any for the old version of the game as it's been so many years of development and so many thousands of new additions that the old version is significantly outdated.

I plan to release a good proper demo of the game soon that shows it off for what it is now.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though and happy new year mate :)

Damn this is very strange, I don't know why this would happen?

I found a solution one of the users posted there, I don't know if this will be any help

Hey mate, I've seen a discussion of this on the audoogames forum. I don't understand screenreaders or NVDA but it seems to have become an issue lately when it previously has been ok so I'm hoping the discussion can help figure out what's happened.

Warsim has worked with screen readers for years and years so it's strange so many people are having issues with it now.

I'm sorry it's happening to you too!

If you can, join on the main thread here and share your issue as the helpful people might be able to help us get it sorted

Thank you mate, it means a lot to still get comments on this project! I love it so much

Glad to help mate, and cheers for the kind words! It's an honour to be compared to those great games :)

Thank you so much for the kind words mate, I'm sorry to hear about your pc being broke but hope you can fix it soon!

I'd love to get Warsim more well known but we'll see how it goes when I get it out of early access finally. I've got a lot of things I'll be trying when it does.

What sort of things do you wish to know about character traits? In my game any characters that have gameplay effecting traits tend to be saved for specific kinds of people.

So kingdom rulers pull from a set of kingdom ruler traits, stuff like:

* Strange - Requires bizarre things to conduct diplomacy, such as sacrifices, communicates with very strange things (such as them sending you a letter telling you they have a gift of gold for you, which they threw into the sea)

* Hostile - Unlikely to make peace, hard to do diplomacy with, things can anger them and damage relations that wouldn't with other rulers

* Stupid - Makes terrible choices, will make peace/alliances on a whim, very easy to manipulate

* Merchant - They are all about the money, want a trade deal... pay a fee, want an alliance... pay a fee, peace? For a price of course

Where as staff like Stewards have a different set of traits that effect how they deal with throne room visitors.

Goblin slavers have another set of traits that define how many they recruit and what type of goblin they have.

Bandit gang leaders are the same etc, So there isn't one system of traits but several for different types of characters in game.

And as for the filesize, it's mostly the sfx, there are 100s and 100s in the game haha.

Thanks for posting, both there and on here, very lovely to see! <3

Thanks mate <3

Thank you for the support on steam mate, and the kind words! Means a lot

And that's amazing, best of luck with the C++ text based game mate! :)

Thanks again, reading this made my morning and I'm screenshotting it <3

Damn you are really smashing it here. I love this phase of earlyish development when you are coding all the core elements and working on tons of new features and stuff.

Good luck as always my friend!

Hey mate, just wanted to say that reading stuff like this makes my day. It's so so awesome to know that such kind and lovely people are getting enjoyment out of something I've made. I was invited to the community 6 years ago and I've found so many nice people on there who helped and inspired me to make this game as screen reader friendly as possible and it's been such a pleasure.

Thanks for taking the time to write this mate

Yeah all sounds awesome, good luck with it mate!

Well either of those features could potentially be affected by the Heirs of Atlantis trait. But I'm weary of suggesting too much. I know how bad feature creep can get.

"Heirs of Atlantis - The Humittes claim to be the heirs to the legendary city of Atlantis (not entirely sure what this will do yet)"

Will their be seafaring in Tribes? If so this could potentially affect things like fishing and seafaring. Just providing bonuses to all things water related, maybe even unlocking special alternate ship types or something

Thank you so much mate, reading this made my day! <3

I'm so glad you're enjoying it and I hope you continue to :)

You've made an amazing game so far but there's no shame and nothing wrong with taking a hiatus to focus on some other stuff and relieve the burnout.

Even if you don't come back to it you've still made something awesome and you should feel immensely proud.

Every time I redownload Bronze Age I lose a few days, it's a problem haha.

Best of luck whatever you do mate!

Hey mate, I loved the Wastes and appreciate the core gameplay loop more than Warsims personally too.

Unfortunately at the time I never expanded the skill trees, so only the skills with numbers next to them work in game.

As for the regions, yes they are all completely random but at game start the initial loadout are all lower level regions that are super small. This is to ensure the player doesn't instantly get killed off with a bad loadout. After that it's pure luck. There are perks that make it so you get a guarenteed higher minimum of regions to choose from but they are still random.

It's a mix of tougher spawns but also some encounters that are hidden for lower region levels, lockpicking is unchanged though.

Thanks mate <3

Thank you mate <3

Interesting idea for sure! Noted for something in the future potentially. Thanks :)

Haha that was lovely to read, thanks mate!

It's hard work for sure but it's so much easier and more motivating when I get constant positive feedback (exactly like your wonderful comment) and can financially support myself doing it. It's a dream and I'm humbled to be able to do this and plan to keep going for as long as is needed to get Warsim completely done.

Thanks again mate <3

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Hey mate I'm so sorry that happened to you!

Over the years several people have reported problems similarly, seems to be something to do with the windows codepage

Thread explaining it here

Solutions people have found

- Legacy mode enabling -

- Changing the code page to 437 -

- Turning off UTF-8 -

- One user 'Rage knight' suggested 'Search for the option of "system local" in region option in control panel under administrative tab. in there, there is an option to change system locale. if you option it, there is a "beta" check box. i think microsoft auto checked it on systems that installed japanese language pack. i think it was the issue.'

I have never personally experienced it but the people who did all seemed to have fixed it in the end so hopefully we can for you. Keep me posted and worse case scenario get a refund if we can't get it working. Shouldn't be paying it you can't play!

Once again though I'm sorry this is happening for you.



No problem at all mate, absolutely my pleasure! :)

It's alright mate, I used to really enjoy this game and I'm always humbled people are still playing/checking it out!

I've got backups of the new game so no chance of the same issues haha, thank you for the support either way :)

Sorry mate, this games dead in the water. The source code was wiped in an accident years ago.

I wish I could though honestly.

Hey Pavel, Thank you so much for the support and the extra tip, that's really kind of you!

So the games development process for me was an interesting one, the game is written in c++ and when I first started I just worked on procedural generation, I love proc gen stuff so when I learned how to do it I just spent all my time making little generators, weapon generators, ship generators, face generators.

I did that for a year or so for fun in some of my spare time, but I was sad that I couldn't use them in a game. I looked into c++ tutorials for game development online and started learning, I made a basic battle simulator in one of them, and then added troop hiring, then an arena, then desertion, then exploration, then mercenary groups, then randomised enemies, and so on and before I knew it I had a really early version of Warsim.

I didn't think much of it but it was turning into a legitimate game. I left the project for a while but when I came back I put it on reddit and here on and handfuls of people checked it out, many gave their thoughts and tips on what could improve things. Over time I would release updates and try and take on board player feedback as much as I could. After two years of developing it more seriously I decided to put it on steam and after that things really blew up for me.

I've now sold over 24000 copies in the three years it's been on steam, and the game has had 100s of updates and is far better than I ever thought it could be from the constant work.

So for planning I write down in simple .txt files little sections of features I'd like to add, over time as many were suggested by players the list grew massively, 1000s of things on there, I would go through and add and work on anything I wanted. Whatever I was most interested in at the time, or if something would be a quick and easy fix/addition I'd get it out of the way.

After a few years of working through the giant list I realised I'd be in development forever, I'm 5 years in right now and still in early access for example. So I spent a few days going through the entire list and spring cleaning it, I cleared stuff that wasn't really worth adding, categorised suggestions that were for the same area of the game, and I made a new list for stuff that wasn't essential to the game but could be added later as a post-release plan list.

In the end I got the list cut down from about 3000 things to about 500, then worked through that list by doing themed updates clearing whole blocks of stuff.

Honestly for motivation it can be super hard, for me having random generation in the game was nice because some of the content is different each time so at least all the playtesting doesn't get so boring but even that wears thin eventually. The biggest one for me is player feedback, having messages and comments was fuel for development for me and really made me want to keep working on it. I never used to get many but these days across Warsim's steam/discord/reddit etc there are plenty of new comments and feedback which always motivate me.

It also helps that I'm working on a game I like to play, and if I think of something that would make my playtime more fun I just add it, which was always what my dream of game development was.

My advice for starting out is getting feedback, if you can get people who are willing to play your game and give you feedback it can be invaluable, I thought I had good vision for game development, but I was blind to so many things that just didn't occur to me until players mentioned it. No one is perfect and no one considers everything and sometimes working on a game and looking at it so closely we miss the bigger picture and really obvious things that need to be changed/added etc.

If you can get feedback and work on it to keep improving your project it will inevitably be a better game in time, obviously advice varies a bit depending on platform/target market/genre etc

I hope this all helps and once again thank you for your support!

Happy new year and greetings from Wales in the UK

Huw ~

The work you've done on this is fantastic, it's totally fair that you feel a little burnt out take care of yourself. No matter what you've done amazingly.

Good luck going forward whatever you do mate! :)

Hey, thanks for the support.

So whenever the game receives an update it gets updated at the same time on both steam and To update the game just redownload it from your download link, your save files will always be compatable with any new versions of the game.

Hope this helps and please enjoy the game :)