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Wait did you edit my title? it was originally 'Itch haven't paid me'

My main issue here was that multiple emails over the course of a few weeks were ignored based around a query of payments, that was the main issue, I literally only got a response because I posted publicly to ask for advice as I had been ignored and then within the same day I got a reply to my email, now editing my post title is a little odd?

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I understand but my emails for clarity were ignored for weeks, I didn't refuse so much as query why as even steam didn't make me do this

I've emailed a few weeks ago about no payment coming through for the $100+ I've accumulated, then a follow up email a week later and still no response, I've had super fast replies in the past when it's been about things other than payments but I haven't had any reply from them at all in weeks and I'm a little concerned, does anyone have any advice?

Awesome idea

I feel like perhaps the masklings ability to find you could relate to the selected difficulty, ie and easy difficulty where they are unbeknownst to you or the current juggernaut termination mode we have now

This game is amazing, some ideas for potential features are...

  • Hidden stuff that can be discovered through exploration like chests or stockpiles of a resource
  • Perhaps an arena where you can pit units against eachother? (kind of a weird idea tbh but could be fun)
  • A way to autoupgrade all walls in a province or at least one click upgrade, because upgrading a massive wall three takes so long when you have to click and then accept multiple times
  • Less all-seeing enemies... seriously, they are like terminators that seek you out instantly, they should be able to explore just like you and fight what they find
  • Also would be cool if there were different kinds of AI enemy factions, for example maybe some of the nomad rat riding people were reclusive, others could build lots, some could be conquerors looking to settle in each province, others could be ruthless, others could be explorers and so on.

Just some thoughts

Great game

Awesome! good to hear

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Ghosts

Is there any option to disable Ghosts in the game, I don't understand full why they spawn but sometimes in a game I end up with several clusters of ghosts that don't seem to get killed and also can't be destroyed by selecting boom, it would be cool if there was an option to disable them

Windows 10 is my OS

This is my full screen

I can't seem to find any way to change the resolution, but currently all the menus are slightly out of the screen so I can't click some things

can I change the resolution or is it hard coded?

10/10 would buy


Such a fun game


Weird game! 10/10

Quick playthrough of the game

My attempt at the roguelike

My Attempt at MinotaurRL

A letsplay of the game:

Would be a great idea for an app!

Amazing game, deserves every bit of attention it gets!

Thought I would share my playthrough of this game!