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Thanks so much Athanasius, I really appreciate the support.

I was worried about announcing the increase but the support has been awesome everywhere I've posted it!

Right click the top bar of the screen and select properties, from there you should be able to adjust the font and window size as you please :)

Hi buddy, glad you like the game.

Entered into the main menu these will give you special cheats, not required but they do add a new element to the game, mostly added for testing they are there to allow the player to play around

  • 13 - welp edition - sets players hp to 50 and stats to 1
  • 26 - iguana bill edition - turns the player into iguana bill
  • 31 - coward edition - sets players hp and stats higher
  • 66 - deadman edition - sets players hp to 10 and stats all to 1
  • 33 - Perky edition - 10 perks per level
  • 35 - super perky edition - 100 perks per level
  • 78 - Colour Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any colour
  • 101 - level 1 forever edition- pretty much impossible to level up
  • 108 - Garry Edition - All npcs are named garry
  • 404 - Encounter Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any encounter
  • 999 - drugged test - runs the drugged effect
  • 1337 - LEET edition - sets players hp and stats super high
  • 1007 - LOOT edition - lots more loot
  • 555 - $$$ edition - gives you $1'000'000
  • 5555 - $$$$ edition - gives you $100'000'000

Hey Klokinator,

Sorry I've only just seen this but thank you a bunch for the tip! Very kind of you :)

I'll be honest I didn't even know you could launch games through itch, but I'm glad you've got it fixed. Is everything working fine now?



Thanks for the amazingly kind words Athanasius, I really appreciate it!

Gonna keep working on this game until it's the best it can possibly be :)

Yeah man, those Titans can get you!

Even as the dev I literally can't save myself half the time in game, it's a brutal and unforgiving game,

Nice exploit, cheers for letting me know. The game source code was lost so it's never going to be updated again unfortunately but I'm glad it's still being played :)

No problem! thanks for commenting :)

Looked into it further and it seems the money will be taken automatically unless I provide a tax number, however my income is quite low and registering to be self employed in the UK would be pointless. Is there anyway to not pay this tax if you don't have an individual tax reference.

Otherwise it seems to me that this is a very expensive toll of business via

The number has gone up to $250 total that's been held back with a new payout I just initiated and that's a significant amount of money being falsely withheld.


Just looked through some of my payments from Itch and noticed at least $150 gone to something marked as Tax Withheld on the payment report.

I don't think this is right, can anyone confirm this?

I'm not a US citizen and the UK tax rate is 20% for those earning more than £11000, and even then that's 20% so it seems rather high

Any advice would be awesome



I will do, thank you!

An absolutely brilliant list of sounds. I've just bought this pack and may get another. The players of my game will greatly appreciate these awesome sfx.

Best of luck with these projects going forward Cafofo :)

Hey Yoel, thanks for such a kind comment!

I appreciate you seeing potential in it, The game is currently on sale on steam and I'm trying to get the discount visible and use it as an opportunity to gain more players.

I'm always happy to take on ideas around marketing though so I appreciate it!

Thanks a bunch :)

Haha glad you like it, It's a challenge but I do love develop-a-thons :)

Thanks for commenting Athanasius! It's lovely comments like yours that brighten my day and make the dev time worth it :)

Thanks for commenting, glad you like it :)

<3 Thanks for the support! It means a lot

Congrats on the update, also could we possibly see micro worlds? with really small map sizes maybe 1 or a few zones on the whole map! would be really cool

Thanks again man, never liked seeing early access projects get abandoned, especially when they were being sold, I feel like I owe everyone the best game I can possibly make :)

Thanks Athanasius, that really really means a lot :) I've been working on warsim for years and don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon! Lovely comments like this are the best source of motivation though. Thanks for commenting and for supporting the game <3

Thanks Cable, and I agree the artists work here is incredible, the way he's represented the ascii is fantastic.

I've had so many diplomacy pop ups from speaking to a few tribes and then not escalating trade with them much and it's gotten so bad it's overlapped the UI and made it impossible to change the speed unless I cut down the list.

I think there should be a quick way to dismiss all

Right click to make them disappear individually

Also once you say no to a trade increase they shouldn't spam it eternally onwards, they should stop or do it after a cooldown

Just my thoughts.

Glad to hear it, thanks for playing and best of luck with your upcoming stuff :)

Hey Retch, really glad you like it! :)

When I began working on the Warsim: the Realm of Aslona, there were two races, Humans, which made up some kingdoms, bandit groups and a rebellion, and Goblins, who made up some kingdoms and little tribes. As of the Beta 0.7.4 of Warsim, the game’s race count now sits at 325'142.

That’s right that’s over three hundred thousand fantasy races in the game, but what does all that mean? What do these races look like and how are they unique and different?

To show what kind of stuff to expect, Here’s a list of 10 completely random races I plucked from the game while writing this article.

  • Forest Shades
  • Lesser Half-Giants
  • Demonic Protofolk
  • Shore Ghouls
  • Warrior Were-Turkeys
  • Coast Goblins
  • Hill Wizards
  • Mini Ogres
  • Northern Antelopelings
  • Gold Orclings

Yikes, better watch out for those Warrior Were-Turkeys. Now as it stands those are just names, but you’re probably wondering what separates these races, how are they unique and different.

To answer that I must explain the race generation system first. The system works by pulling a race from a list of 86 current standard races. This list includes many fantasy classics such as Orcs and Elves, but also some Warsim originals such as Centaars (like Centaurs but half-elf instead of half-man) and Protofolk (Cavemen).

Once it has one of those, it will apply a race prefix, this system was inspired in part by the creative way that the board game Small World dealt with races.

Some races from SmallWorld

Slotting a race and a random prefix together to get a specific race with mixed and matched abilities. With this system in mind I tried to create a huge variance of possible prefixes that could go along with the system. I came up with a list of 262 prefixes and counting.

Each of these prefixes has wildly different effects and stat changes, Hermit Elves for example will be poor in game and not worth raiding, Bandit Gnomes however, will rob people (you included), Invincible Centaurs will be a foe to be reckoned with, Doomed Wizards will at some point suffer a prophecised collapse, and Two-Headed Mermen will have… well, two heads.

The Two-Headed ruler of a merman kingdom

Almost all prefixes have a variety of effects following a pattern, usually prefixes that significantly increase a race’s strength in combat, will decrease it’s population levels, this is to prevent there being unstoppable races with huge populations, however it’s still possible for some races to bypass this. Expect the inhabitants of little Goblin kingdoms to be vast in number, and kingdoms of Giants to contain only small handfuls of people.

On top of that, race prefixes have further effects, they can effect how civilised the group are. An uncivil group will not be contactable through the games diplomacy, so Savage Dwarves will be a lost cause for your poor old diplomat.

Some racial prefixes can also effect the colour of the race faces, so Arctic Hobgoblins will have blue skin, Lava Halflings red, Purple Ogres will be purple, and so on.

A Purple Ogre High Chief called Bakagg, wearing his little green proc-genned crown

There are also some additional facial alterations, for example Childlike Orcs will have baby faces, How cute!

The Ruler of a kingdom of Childlike Orcs

Another unique race prefix is eyeless, Eyeless Necromancers for example… quite a terrifying concept. Below I forced the same race to be generated three times in one game world, and these three separate kingdoms of Eyeless Necromancers all had vastly different looking people (thanks to the random skin colour system that applies to humanoid races)

And there are others like Ung

Three instances of Eyeless Necromancers
overnable, which means the leader of the race will be replaced often, Primitive will make them savage and impossible to talk to and Deatheater will make them stronger the more they kill (and a seriously dangerous foe towards endgame).

Pacifist Ents will not attack, Invisible Halflings will not be visible at all (unlesss you find an artifact that makes them visible). Psychotic Orcs will attack you one turn and could be your friend the next, you never know.

So you get it, there are tons of effects. Every single race has it’s own unique combination of strength, civility, population and their own look, and this will only grow with time (sidenote: if you can think of anything cool, I’m always up for adding new stuff so hit me up).

Breakdown of the 325'142 different races

The breakdown of what makes up the 300k figure is interesting, to demonstrate this I’ve broken up the data into three categories, Beast races, Non-beast races, and Orcs (who are a non-beast race, but split off to demonstrate the divide)

The first data point (red) are procedurally generated beast races, these are your Anteaterfolk, your Spiderlings, your Half-Rats and so on. The system works by taking 194 different animals and converting each into either Half-Creature, Evolved Creature, Were-Creature, Creaturelings, Creaturemen, or Creature Folk. This allows for a huge and diverse number of obscure creature races, and as you can imagine makes up the majority of the 300k figure.

Pie chart breakdown of the three different lots of races

The second data point (purple) represent everything that isn’t proc-gen animal races, ogres, dwarves, elves, men, and so on. Orcs have been excluded from this category to show them off seperately.

There are 786 different Orcish races, that is because of three different default Orc races (Orcs, Orks and Orclings). Each of these mixing with the 262 prefixes gives us 786 total orc types.

And that is more or less it, over 300k fantasy races in the game, mostly Animal-based. Is this a record? how many more races will be squeezed into the game before the heat-death of the universe? these questions I cannot answer!

Here’s a recent image showing the base races in warsim, each face is a procedurally generated one for that respective race.

The game in question is ‘Warsim: the Realm of Aslona’ which is available on Steam and, it’s not expensive and it’s been developed intensely for years, if you can look past the ascii graphics for a moment and enjoy roleplaying games you will likely have a blast.

If you have any suggestions for new races or prefixes, share them on the subreddit or via a message

You can also add your own races into the game using the in-game modders toolbox (extras menu).

Thank you for reading!

I would like to in the future! I have never gotten anything running on mac before but fingers crossed

Anythings possible, you could even use the exact same system if you stored rows of pixel graphic face parts. Warsim's face generator works by taking a single ascii face drawing, then making 100s of versions of the hair, forhead, eyes, ears and nose, upper lip, mouth, and chin. As long as they all line up, the possible number of faces becomes pretty nuts.

The perils of extreme procedural generation

Or how 100 quadrillion ascii faces drove me insane

By Huw Millward (internet nobody and developer of Warsim)

When I began programming back in 2011 I discovered procedural generation and fell completely in love. So much so that my first major programming project was just a giant generator, I worked on it day and night for weeks and weeks and it ended up producing billions and billions of possible weapons, I felt like I was in heaven imagining all of these medieval weapons , A dwarvern impure-gold dagger or a military thin fish bone longsword or that ancient cursed lapis lazuli duel bladed greatsword.

As time passed I began working on actual video game projects, and of course these were similarly literred with procedural generation systems, my first major game having procedurally generated combat moves, monsters, weapons, foods, books, and all kinds of other things. My current project 'Warsim: the realm of Aslona' was developed with an extensive face generator.

There are in total over 30 different default races that have their own face generator, one is orcs which you can see below, the orc face generator is one of my favourite.

Here we see a total of 24 Orc faces... there are exactly 55'190'782'080'000 of them. 55 trillion orc faces, which means if you looked a a page of 24 orc faces like above, every second, it would take you  72,920 years to see them all, and of course that is 24 hours a day of refreshing, sounds like a fun near-eternity.

So over the development of the game I have been occasionally adding to these face generators, I was always fascinated by how easy it is to make tiny changes and see another billion faces possible, because after a certain point the number of possible interactions from one part to another becomes astounding.

Here's an old video I made showing off how the face generator actually works

In this time some people have complained that talking about the procedural face generator numbers is pointless saying that while it is accurate that there are 55 trillion orc faces, it's irrelevant, no one will see them all. In fact the average player probably wont see more than a handful of orcish faces, the odds of getting an orc race in your world are slim due to how many races are possible. 

A lot of the points raised by these players are completely valid, why should they care about these arbitrary numbers, a face generator with 1000 possibilities is good enough, the average player wont see them all and probably wont recognise a duplicate if they did get one, so its a waste of time adding new faces when I could be coding new features.

I agree to some extent with this, but there are a few points as to why this absurd face generation system has its merits, the most obvious is the concept is incredibly cool, the idea that EVERY single face you see is almost guarenteed to be unique, it's so unlikely that anyone who has ever played the game will have seen any of the faces you have seen, no matter how much you play the game, and I've always really liked that thought.

It makes the world more personal, all of these little ascii faces characters are unique to you and your gameworld, kill them or delete the save and they are gone forever and will probably never be generated to the light of a screen ever again, truthfully the vast vast majority of these procedural faces are just theoretical at this point and will never ever come to exist, but the fact that the system is that inundated with content makes me feel good, additionally the more possible faces there are, the less similar they will all look to eachother, so there are other benefits.

That's more or less the end of my little rant, but here are a group of procedural zombies and liches

Let me know what you guys thought of the article, happy to answer any questions and always up for a chat!

If you want to check out the game, it's here on (

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Wait did you edit my title? it was originally 'Itch haven't paid me'

My main issue here was that multiple emails over the course of a few weeks were ignored based around a query of payments, that was the main issue, I literally only got a response because I posted publicly to ask for advice as I had been ignored and then within the same day I got a reply to my email, now editing my post title is a little odd?

(1 edit)

I understand but my emails for clarity were ignored for weeks, I didn't refuse so much as query why as even steam didn't make me do this

I've emailed a few weeks ago about no payment coming through for the $100+ I've accumulated, then a follow up email a week later and still no response, I've had super fast replies in the past when it's been about things other than payments but I haven't had any reply from them at all in weeks and I'm a little concerned, does anyone have any advice?

Awesome idea

I feel like perhaps the masklings ability to find you could relate to the selected difficulty, ie and easy difficulty where they are unbeknownst to you or the current juggernaut termination mode we have now

This game is amazing, some ideas for potential features are...

  • Hidden stuff that can be discovered through exploration like chests or stockpiles of a resource
  • Perhaps an arena where you can pit units against eachother? (kind of a weird idea tbh but could be fun)
  • A way to autoupgrade all walls in a province or at least one click upgrade, because upgrading a massive wall three takes so long when you have to click and then accept multiple times
  • Less all-seeing enemies... seriously, they are like terminators that seek you out instantly, they should be able to explore just like you and fight what they find
  • Also would be cool if there were different kinds of AI enemy factions, for example maybe some of the nomad rat riding people were reclusive, others could build lots, some could be conquerors looking to settle in each province, others could be ruthless, others could be explorers and so on.

Just some thoughts

Great game

Awesome! good to hear

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Ghosts

Is there any option to disable Ghosts in the game, I don't understand full why they spawn but sometimes in a game I end up with several clusters of ghosts that don't seem to get killed and also can't be destroyed by selecting boom, it would be cool if there was an option to disable them

Windows 10 is my OS

This is my full screen

I can't seem to find any way to change the resolution, but currently all the menus are slightly out of the screen so I can't click some things

can I change the resolution or is it hard coded?