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Super fun game! Reminds me of the premise of the board game Dice Forge, with all the switching of dice faces. The fact that the game actually had dice variety was a huge surprise! I adore this game. The risk/reward of using expensive abilities or a lot of cheap ones and trying to manage dice energy costs was super fun!
And please keep the d2/coin in, I love it a lot. Put two "Gain 5 shield" faces on it so I had guaranteed shields each turn I needed them! Though I recognize I could have put my Strength faces on them, too... Love the strategic depth! You have an excellent game here and I would love to see it explored more!

Not to mention, I love the art style. It's a very simple 2-bit/8-bit(?) 2.5D style game reminiscent of how other games like Triangle Fantasy handle making 2D sprites 3D, which I find has a lot of charm.

Really enjoy the concept! The character expressions are very noticeable and lively. I do find it a bit difficult to play to the end after the first failed run, though. But the dialogue is very nice, and flows smoothly!

Love the art style! The storytelling/dialogue feels real, and I like the inclusion of some dialogue trees! The music and sounds are nice, too! I also enjoy simply needing to avoid enemy attacks instead of also attacking, too. It makes for fun gameplay!

Thank you! Now what you meant by a hint makes more sense. I figured they meant that you should use all their powers *after* that fight.

Love the UI and character designs. They interact nicely through the dialogue, but I feel like the gameplay is really hard to grasp, as you're not trying to "win" each encounter in a normal fashion. Makes for interesting gameplay, but the blue Sakuya fight, as stated by Karob, I also can't grasp. Overall, a nice game, I just wish the concepts behind it were a bit easier to understand.

The art is beautiful and the concept is compelling! 

Unfortunately, I am very bad at Danmaku games, so I couldn't get very far. But this game has a neat art style! The crosshair enemy was very fun to dodge!

A fun puzzle game with a cute art style! The puzzles are fun and easy!

A very cute Zelda style game with nice mechanics and great art! This was a very nice game.

I really like the art style of this game! The mechanics are fast and easy to use, but I feel the ranged attack feels a bit weak in comparison to the melee. Overall an enjoyable experience!

Very charming puzzle game! Love the dynamic between the two characters, it really adds an interesting twist to the puzzles!