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I enviably return to find out what i need for good ending one. please teach me the ways…

i can’t wait to buy this! I love this game so i will get this.

I know I’ve given a review before but this is my final one. This game is quite possibly one of the best visual novels I have ever played and one of my favorite games. This game in my opinion is a masterpiece because of the fact that I am able to get different endings and I can still laugh and be sad when replaying the game. The humor is on point, The story is just amazing and the characters are very well written and designed. I hope i see more of these characters in the future as I would love to see Maddie or Miyu expanded upon. Once again, this game is amazing and I rate it 11/10.

I love the art and I’m excited to see new characters. Do you think Rain will be expanded upon?

Cant wait to play it!

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10/10 — Just a review

Honestly, I love the story and choices and characters so far as well as the art. It’s really enjoyable but short so far. I also find some of the dialogue in this game hilarious and/or sad. Can’t wait for chapter 10!

Just a review - 9/10

When I first saw this game, I thought that this would be not as good as a lot of visual novels and I was wrong. This is probably one of my favorite visual novels ever. Idk why but it was just fun and an awesome game all around. There were like a bug or two at the start but it was smooth sailing after. The voices were a nice touch as well.

This game was funny and amazing imo and I’m probably gonna replay it. Great job, i would definitely recommend this game.