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Hi, how can I get the shadow effect just like in this image:

Hi, I think you can still purchase it with credit card etc.

Hi, hit me up on discord: .lehusky

Hey, yes it would, plase contact me on Discord for that: .lehusky

No problem,

enjoy the plugin!

Thank you for your interest in the plugin.

 Have you joined our Discord server yet? This may be the cause of the issue:

can you reach me out on the discord server to send me your .c3p file?

Hey there,
yes, it is possible to auto-join users to your server after successful login. To set this up please follow these steps:
- If you haven't already, please head over to and select your application. Head over to the "Bot" section and add you application as a bot. Then copy the token of your bot. (Now you need to invite the just created bot to your server)

- As next step, kindly go to you C3 game and paste you bot token in the Bot-token property on the sidebar. After you pasted the token in, please also paste the Server-id of the server you want them to be added to in the server-id property.

- Now add the guilds.join scope to the scope parameter of the Login action.

Your all set! :)

For a better/more detailed description kindly check out our documentation:

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Hi, thanks for using this plugin!
Before you ask on our discord server please make sure that you have read the DOCS!


Last updated on: 30.4.2022


There are 3 events you need to use to use the full auth system.
Please stick to the documentation to make the system work and avoid issues!

Event 1:

Every 1 second >>    Load data from Auth server

Event 2:

On start of layout (or whenever you want the user to login) >>    Request Auth

Event 3:

On Connection >> Set text (or whatever you need) to DiscordCollection.OAuthUsername

Getting user's roles


Head over to your properties bar and paste the Discord server ID from which you want to receive the user's roles from in the "ServerID" property.

You will be able to use the DiscordCollection.OAuthUserroles expression in your project.

If the user is not in the server or the server ID is not valid it will return NaN.



Take a look at this example to understand for which each parameter stands.

Make sure to use a decimal color code in the 'color' parameter. You can use this page to convert color codes from hex to decimal.
(Example color code we used in the image above: 16711935)


How to add & customize webhooks to/in your discord server?

Please refer to this documentation:

Fetch messages from discord

This feature lets you receive messages that are getting send in your discord server.


Event 1:

Every 1 second >>    Fetch messages from guild "{your guild token here}"

Event 2:

On Message fetched >> Set text (or whatever you need) to DiscordCollection.MessageContent

Get a guild Token

Invite our Discord Bot!

Type c3!generatetoken in your server (Make sure you have administrator permissions!).

Type c3!viewtoken in your server (  "    "  ).

If you still have questions we are happy to see you in our discord server!

Staff contact: Huskycraft#2913

Commercial requests: |or| Huskycraft#2913

Supported by: a great community


Hey Mitsu,

I am currently working on this and it will probably be released today or tomorrow!

Hi, can you please include the .vox files?

Is the car example in the purchase included?



Hi, do you have textures for these sprites?