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Thanks, also you have to eat enemies by dashing into them with right-click to get their effects

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Very Ez

very cool game

thanks, I definitely did build the game to be a hyper casual 😀.

Thanks, I definitely did prioritise game polish .

Thanks so much, my main goal was to make a hyper casual game that I am proud of. A big part of hyper casual games are the useless cosmetics that you always want 🙂

thanks, I found out about the exploit early on but decided not to make a "fix". I decided it's a play style and doing it takes the fun out of an alredy not so fun game. Also if the music is getting repetitive you can Mute it with the buttons in the top right in the main menu

I considered adding a cool new game mode but the decided since it was a "mobile" game jam just to add things you would see on a mobile game  (cosmetics). the game is 100% made for mobile, im considering adding it to the playstore.

Thanks but I really don't see how it could be a level based game, also it's a lot more fun on mobile.

if anyone wants to chat on discord about the jam Huski#4833 (GMT+9:30)

Yo, you should make a discord. It dosnt have to be good it is just a easy way for us to chat and show out game

Mobile Game Jam #1 community · Created a new topic hello

i was the 69th person to join the jam 

yep, definitely my worst game made in unity

I ran out of Time :(

all scores above 50000 are tied for 1st and the real winner will go off how long it took them to get 50000. I have a separate score board for time, but ran out of time to add it to the game ui

I'm very Burned out so I'm going to make a game using GDevelop instead of unity. i don't know how to code in GDevelop though ☹️. i have 40 minutes to learn

Less is More

This is my 13th game jam.... i don't have a problem, your the one with the problem😭😭😭



Thanks, I also made a video showing how I made it.

Its a trust System

Pls Like And Sub

I might be going crazy but the sound for finding the target is identical to the sound played when you beat you best score on the mobile game ReCharge Rc

Thanks, I'll check out you game tomorrow.

Thanks, I'm glad you injoyed the game

All Fixed, Thanks for telling me about this.

Dissable compression to fix the load problem 



Thanks, I'll rate yours when I get home 😃

It takes a minute to load 😀

Cool thanks, I was looking through the url you linked in the page trying to find how to inplement it into a game. The git was oviasly the mssing peice 😀

how dose the code behind the leaderboard work

The game is fun and the idea is 10/10 but it's unfortunately let down by the art 🙁. Next time you should team up with someone for the art, or just do it yourself.

I'm 15, iv won two trijams

My pc can handle it. But its getting fixed right now, it broke 😢. so I'm using a older laptop.