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thanks for playing, it's always nice to see people enjoying the quality of life features 

Wow where do I start, from the second I moved this cute player I thought I would be doing this adventure along side him until the first jump sent him splattering on the ground, I was horrified. it was now clear that he was just a puppet in my control. speaking of controls, they were fantastic and the mechanics made the game feel complete. from the climbing gloves lowering me ever so slightly, to the diving helmet giving me a magical supply of oxygen. And the spider webs with their fun but limited controls. the teleporter tool was useful but forgettable and of cause we cant forget about the measuring tool the MVP. overall this game is pretty much ready for a release in my eyes, with a little longer level it should be good to go. on the topic of level design it felt professionally crafted with so many cool tricks to navigate this complex world. its safe to say I'm a fan.

Amazing game, felt like a commercial release but did run into a problem where I couldn't select the next upgrade and continue, could of had something to-do with the ui behind the outpost that didn't go away.

super fun I almost lost until I figured out that sniper OP, then it was game on. I would of loved to see the game be infinite though just so I could see how many towers I could get shooting. with a bit of balancing you could have an awesome game here.

Its unity's fault, I implemented 3 different things to stop the problem when your fps drops, but its still their so idk anymore 

Thanks glad you enjoyed the game!!!!!!. ill see how I go with school work whether I continue with the game.

Thanks for playing. I unfortunately run out of time to continue with the level design, the option to fly yourself into nothingness could be added in the future as a hardcore mode if I get time. And regarding the bug, Their are 3 failsafe's to stop that exact thing, but unity hates me for some reason and against all odds the game still breaks😔.

Thanks for playing, I'm so happy someone got enjoyment out of controller support. I will consider continuing the game but it might be hard going into year 12 next year 😆

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it 😃

Thanks for playing, Trust me there wont be any release with how school is going 😆 maybe in the distent future

😠stop cheater hacking😠

hey thanks for playing glad you liked the game.

thanks, i might make it a mobile if i get time. 

Hey thanks for playing, i did want to make the game feel less repetitive but ran out of time, who knows i might revest the game in the future.

just ask chat GPT

To rotate the pieces press right click while hovering over them

Yeah I made it, lol

Thanks for checking out my game, sorry you didn't really understand it I was in school and wasn't able to add the description at the time. I dont know how you got that weird piece that was rotated 45 degrees (that shouldn't be possible in the code). thank you for all the feedback on improvements.

Thanks, also you have to eat enemies by dashing into them with right-click to get their effects

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Very Ez

very cool game

yep, definitely my worst game made in unity

I ran out of Time :(

all scores above 50000 are tied for 1st and the real winner will go off how long it took them to get 50000. I have a separate score board for time, but ran out of time to add it to the game ui

I'm very Burned out so I'm going to make a game using GDevelop instead of unity. i don't know how to code in GDevelop though ☹️. i have 40 minutes to learn

Less is More

This is my 13th game jam.... i don't have a problem, your the one with the problem😭😭😭