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Hehe, thank you Grey! 💜


We're so glad you enjoyed the game! Everyone did such a fantastic job, so I'm glad you've had nothing but compliments for every aspect of the game <3

Yeah... The industry is in such a shit spot at the moment, and I'm sorry your boyfriend is having to deal with the reality of it atm. I hope that everything works out for him and he finds a stable job that makes him happy!

DSJIKFGJLK GONNA MAKE ME CRY AHHHH ;~; Thank you so much, L, that really means a lot! Be sure to check out everyone else's stuff too. :3c

For the neutral ending, you want to get less than six points! There's a number of ways to get the neutral ending, since, as the name implies, being neutral with Enya and some choices can yield in negative points. 

From looking at the game very quickly, here's what I suggest doing!

1) Help Enya (+1 Point)

2) Don't eat with Enya (No points rewarded)

3) Take Enya to the meeting (+1 Point)

4) Don't compliment Enya's drawings (No points rewarded)

5) Give Enya generic advice on handling toxic criticism (+1 Point)

6) Don't tell Enya about the nightmare (No points rewarded)

7) Thank Enya for standing up for Diana after their meeting with Godric (+1 point)

8) Don't approach Enya (No points rewarded)

Thank you for the videos! I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

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I'm glad you liked the best ending! It was definitely my favorite one to write. >:)

I apologize for your meh experience with the web version. I tested it out just now and the audio worked for me, so I'm not sure what caused it to not work on your end. Ren'Py web versions always have this funky errors. ;~; 

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Is the 5k ratings requirement really necessary? Why should players be required to give this game that many ratings so they can get a happy ending that should have already been in the game to begin with? I should note that there's nothing wrong with asking for a review, but when it's done like this, it's incredibly dishonest especially when games on this platform rely heavily on reviews to get seen by players. This tactic is like a giant slap to the face to your fellow game devs, some of whom wait months in-between for a single review.

I strongly suggest you reconsider your approach to this matter, and release the ending that your players and Zilas rightfully deserved from the very beginning.


AHHH, thank you for your comment, Neci! They're always such a treat to read~

I'm actually super intrigued and happy hearing your experience regarding the MC. When writing her, we definitely wanted to highlight how her addiction is very much a problem and how she likes to stand up for herself and others could not only be a benefit, but also be a detriment in certain situations (i.e. meeting King Karamel). 

In regards to Lakritz calling MC Sweet Tart because you're not the only one to wonder about that! It's just a nickname, and the reason why Lakritz choose it is explained briefly in his route, but it's a funny coincidence, right? ;)

To answer your question about the routes, the demo covers the entire common route. So, yes, you'll be locked into either Lakritz or Peppermint's route. You should be able to pick off right where you left off from the demo, though sometimes Ren'Py save files can be unloadable with updates and such. If that does happen, I'll include a choice at the start of the full release for demo players to jump into either Peppermint or Lakritz' route so y'all don't gotta replay through the common route if you don't want to!

Ahhh, thank you for the kind words, Sunfire! The team did such a fantastic job in all aspects, I honestly can't thank them all enough for all the work that they've put into this project.

I'm glad you loved between relationship Diana and Enya! Those tiny details you mentioned were done by my wonderful co-writer and co-lead, Pri. She's so good with tiny details like those, and I think they really helped enhance both our characters and their developing relationship.

YESSS!! I love creating representation where it is sorely needed. As a Latina woman, it was such a joy to see myself represented in Diana.

Again, thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Sunfire. Be sure to check out the rest of the team's games as well (everyone has their own projects going on). They're all so talented and creative. <3

Thank you for playing Heiden.

I am so sorry that you endure that. It's disgusting and I hope the event organizers are ashamed of themselves for allowing that to take place. Thank you for being brave and sharing your experiences. You are such a strong individual, and I hope that if I ever do see you at a IRL event, I get to hug ya cause you deserve one and so much more. <3

THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!! Cassie x Eleanor, my queens, my OTP. 

On a more serious note, this was a beautiful story. I loved the ambience of the rain that played during most of the runtime, I think it really helped make the player get into Eleanor's shoes and understand how awkward it is to be around Cassie when she's unaware of her feelings. It's only when Eleanor lets her feelings be known that the music begins to play. The music made that particular moment feel so powerful. It honestly really moved me.

This was an excellent first game, Corinna. I can't wait to see more from you.

This was so cute! I really loved the art style (pixel art is always such a delight to see). Guinevere was an ABSOLUTE BLAST TO PLAY AS! She's so lively and funny. <3

The rest of the cast were great too, I really loved everyone, but I think my favorite had to be Mordred (I love men with scarves, okay?).

Kudos to you and the rest of the team for making a great game! :D 

I love Frederick and would die for him. The game's overall style was impeccable. The sketchy, pencil (maybe charcoal?) art style WAS AMAZING! It's always a treat to see this kind of style in games.

I loved that even though the game's color palette was black and white (for the most part), Frederick popped out against the dark, ominous dungeon background.

The music was also fantastic too, excellent job in choosing the music! Each track matched up with the scene's perfectly. My favorite HAS to be "Slow Motion." It's gentle and slow. Aside from me being an absolute sucker for slow songs with strings + piano involved, the track really encompassed the warm yet somber atmosphere the game had going for it. Frederick's would look at you warmly and without judgement, meanwhile the player, may have had other intentions and could easily eat him invoking that somber tone I mentioned earlier; invoking a sense of guilt.

Anyway, enough rambling! Fantastic job. I'm looking forward to playing more games from you!

TAKE ALL MY HUGS HEIDEN!!! This is a really cute and heartfelt game. I loved the overall message of listening to others and being there for them, even if the outcome afterwards may not be the most desirable one.  Thank you for making such an adorable game!

This was SUPER CUTE AHHHHH! The art is ADORABLE, and so are the characters. I want to hug Solaris so badly, poor helmet baby needs one. And so does Kaiser (even if he might not want it at first).

Their heart-to-heart at the top of the ride was really touching, and I think the music that played really added to the moment. Solaris, someone who hasn't been able to find comfort in anyone as of yet, was able to finally find it in Kaiser, a fellow knight he admired but also found intimidating. Meanwhile, Kaiser, also found a friend in Solaris. To me, that was just so sweet and really heartwarming.

When they held hands, I SCREAMED!!! I'm super invested in these guys' relationship, whether it stays platonic or develops into something romantic I'M HERE FOR IT!!!

Thank you so much for creating such a tooth-rotting game. <3

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1) Not you saying first. What is this, YOUTUBE?

2) Thank you for your kind words, Seven! It's thanks to everyone's hard work over the past month that Monochrome Pixels was able to come out in the fantastic state that it did! I'm still astounded by what we were able to pull off in a month's time. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better team. <3

Chatt! Thank you so much for your kind words (and wonderful review) on our game! As Pri said, we're really happy to see that you enjoyed the game, and have a lot to say about it. Your comments are always a joy to read. <3

Coming up with the character designs was really fun. I LOVED that you took notice of the tracksuit, because when we were concepting the character designs, I looked up Bobby Kotick (former CEO of Blizzard) and what he wore, and saw he wore a business casual-like tracksuit attire, and I knew right then and there THAT HAD TO BE GODRIC'S OUTFIT.

The current state of the industry is scary, but there's hope. I think if we continue to make our voices heard and push for change, the industry will change for the better.

Again, thank you so much for playing Monochrome Pixels, Chatt! <3

This game has been put on hiatus due to a lack of funding, since everything is coming out of my own pocket. 

Just like in the demo, the full game will have self-voicing so if your PC has a screen reader on, it should be able to read the text.

I can't answer the last question about a release date. My apologies.

Not at this time, no.

Thank you for playing, Stary! Glad you liked the game. I'm also demiromantic and ace. :D *High fives*

Thank you, Don. ❤️


Thank you Bez <3 <3 <3 <3 It was hard to write and publish this, but I'm glad I did it.

Thank you Anwynn! Both my family and father are doing much better now. <3


This was such a beautiful game. Alois is absolutely despicable (and that's putting it lightly), I seriously wanted to throw him into the sun. Whenever he tried to gaslight or manipulate Jace, my heart broke for the latter. If this was just ONE DAY of their "relationship", I can only imagine how harrowing the past six years have been for Jace. 

When Jace stood up for himself, I was clapping and yelling at my screen saying "LET'S FUCKING GO JACE!!!!" It was such a powerful moment for both the player and Jace to see him get out of this. And the fact he told Alois that he's not broken because he's asexual??? YESSS. YOU TELL HIM JACE!!!

I read your devlog and I want to say this: I am so proud of Jace AND YOU. It takes so much strength to get yourself out of these situations, and I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to deal with the trauma that follows. I'm so happy you're here and that you're making games, Chim.

Wonderful job as always. <3

P.S. JACE BEING DEMIROMANTIC??? My ace demiromantic heart is soaring.

As always, you're too sweet, Pri! ;~; So glad you enjoyed the game and trust and believe, there will be more stories with this adorable couple soon!

Thank you so much for giving First Skate a look, JQ! Happy to hear you also played A Late Night Convo and enjoyed that one as well. :) There will be more stories with Seo-jun and Iris in the future, so stay tuned~

She's flattered.

Thank you so much for playing, npckc! :D Glad you enjoyed the game and Kali. <3

PEPPERMINT IS THE SWEETEST!!! As his writer, I'm glad you're liking him! I'm also glad you like Lakritz as well. <3

I'm glad you liked the game (and being called Sweet Tart ;D), jjo!

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Thank you for your feedback, Poison. This was my first attempt at writing  a story where most of the interactions are flirtations, so I'm sorry that the game didn't quite hit the mark for you. I can see where you're coming from with your critiques, so I'll be keeping your feedback in mind for future titles, especially ones where I explore Kali and her character! :)

Thank you for playing and for catching that bug! I actually didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I just corrected it, so the latest build (and hopefully last) should have a grounded Kate in it. :)

AHHHH PRIIIIIII ILYYYYYYSM <3 <3 <3 ;~; Thank you so much for the kind words, really means a lot! I definitely plan on making more stories featuring Kali because she's such an interesting character that I had a fun time writing! :D

AHHHH Seven, you're way too sweet! Thank you so much for playing. It's always a Kristi guarantee for my games to get depressing/emotional, though by how much always varies. XD

As for Creampuff, I apologize for the heartbreak! Maybe one day you'll see him... :3c


AHHHHHH!!! I'M SO GLAD!!!!! 😭💙💙💙

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, Hinata. Thank you so much for playing. If you can, please make sure to leave a star rating/review so the game can get discovered by more people. :) 💙

Thank you, Pidge! And maybe one day if there's enough demand. Would love to write about the group's shenanigans while Karrus and Nox are helplessly falling in love with each other. 🤣

Ahhhh thank you, Grey! 🥹❤️ And yes, Karrus is so handsome. I love him so much.

Of course, of course! As an asexual person myself, I hate how a majority of romance games don't include more ways to express your love. The scene just always ends in sex or like you said, a fade to black if you decide to do nothing (and sometimes the love interest is expresses disappointment when you do this!) It can feel so awful sometimes.

So when making this game (and any future romance game), it's a goal of mine to include an option tailored for asexual individuals. That way, they can enjoy the game just as much as an allosexual would! :)