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the game developer is the same as stardew valley developer both of them are passionate and hard working toward the game they develop they are a mellion time better then 99.99% of other game developers, so many huge companys they have many staff and huge budget and in the end they release half ass games with very few content they have no shame

nowdays all games have videos in youtube of people playing it and both sides make profits of it, the person making the video earn profits from view and developer make profits from people buying the game becase they saw the video, nowadays childrens mindset is if they see a video of a game in youtube even if the game is boring they think the game is cool becase of the youtuber talent of presenting the game

90% of games i buy for my child is becase of videos she see in youtube,

as for me i dont need to play demo  to see if the game are good or not i just look at videos in youtube to see the gameplay if i like it i buy it and am sure most of people doing the same 

developing a game use lots of time it may take years of hard work include paying to outsource some stuff for the game its only normal to charge for a game to earn profits otherwise why would anyone waste years working hard and even spend money on it?even those free mobile games they use in-game ads to generate profit,many game series in consoles in the old days died coz of piracy, developers use lots of money to develope a game and the sale ia very low barely cover the cost,the game is affordable you can save some money and buy it

i know  you can pick male/ female in your current game, i was talking about your next game in future,

you said you may include turn based battle you mean each party members will have his own HP/MP and turn in battle? along with attack skills,magic attack spells,support spells,passive skill for thire class?

that would be very nice, but please for your next game try to make randomly generated dungeon where you move around to explore and pick up loot same as dungeon dreams, its more fun that way its better then looking at the same screen and only read texts it feels like reading a novel not playing a game

good luck with your current game

note: plz dont be upset with me am only giving my honest opinion and i really wish you well i mean no disrespect or harm

everything is good about the game the story and the town and mini jobs and everything, except the rummage system, the rummage system turn the game into those cheap text based games you find on android google play store, i know you will not change it but i hope in your next game you will use normal turn based battle with class change and attack skills, support skills, healing skills, and passive skills same like dungeon dreams, exploring a randomly generating dungeon by walking and picking up loot is more fun then text based dungeon and text based battle, plz do it the same as dungeon dreams, and give the option of choosing male or female mc from start, and good luck with your current game

or what kind of adult game he will make if he lead a team from soft house chara or eushully

i guessed japan coz the quality of the game is very good its an amazing  feat that a german guy talent in making rpg game rival japanese people i wonder what kind of game he will make if he lead a team of developers from square enix

i hope after you finsh your current project you  make enchanted cave 3 good luck with your current project when and where i can check info about your current project?

is the steam version and itchio version same?

i thought you are from japan but this prove other countries can also make great rpg your game is one of the best rpg games i played in my life

just curious

are you making enchanted cave 3?

i heard from developers its easy and free to port it to android so can you plz make android release?

are you planning to add more story content for the war battled its really amazing its the best part of the game remind me of suikoden 2 war battels can you add main charactors as squad leaders and can you add flashy animation when using abilitys?

long time i didnt play the game so i started a new game i remember buying from stone guy in the pub but now he just stare at me without selling stones how i buy stone from him like before?

also in my old game i remember using sandra to steal from bosses stats power up items and skill stones but now she dont steal those things anymore

coal you mine it advance story to get materials to make the pickaxe that can mine coal

when you buy the slaves you have an option of releasing them to be free, if you release them is there any way to meet them again and hire them as maids working for your castle?

can you get married and have kids in this game?

there is a trick to get unlimted money buy all iron you can from elf village then go to town north of your kingdom to get uniform then go to the kingdom in the north and northwest of thron room you will enter a mine you can turn the iron to purple gold you can repeat going to elf village buy iron and return to this mine to turn it into purple gold

sell for profit

another way to get money

capture all imp girls and put them in the east town where you can craft things...put all imps there and harvest by clicking on the big box and exit town enter again harvest again repeat and sell for profit

i never had any problem with money in the game

i think the problem is with the phone models you guys are using this is the 2nd time i hear about this

the first time was from a diffrent game but same issue the person complaining about losing his save after update but i didnt lose my save so i think its a mobile phone model problem i use sumsung note 5 i dont have any problems or issues it run games very smoothly too

welcome, this game is great

i think you build the lab then bring strange gold to craft get strange gold from amagal country first you go to a town of that country and get uniform then you go to main base of that country and enter a hidden need iron you will transform it to strange gold in the can buy iron from elf town

good luck

thanks i will try what you said

at start yes....but when i saw faith is always low i canceld the free religion law

it doesnt seem to increase no matter what i do i enabled the religion classes and i set high priority budget for religion but faith is always low it doesnt increase and what does the town stats do in the game? science,knowldge,freedom, happiness, health...etc all of them are very high but only faith is low but i dont even know whats the use for town stats for the game

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can you please make new attack skills for main charactor? right now his skills are very weak he have fire or dark weapon element change skill and 1 weak area attack

i really think the aoe should deal  physical damge only but more damge then the currently combo attack and he need a better 1 target damge skill like double or triple attack or if he can get that ice flurry attack it will be very nice but no ice element it should be physical element  and the element change depend on weapon element or the element change skill i think this will be great i really feel the current main charactor is very weak with current skills so please think about it

note:am talking about that ice flurry attack cost 80 MP the one the thife guild body guard use

thank you :)

android version?😢😢😢

this could be like stardew valley wish you add farm and marrige in the game

backup your save file and  uninstall the old game file then install the new game file and restore your save to your new game file

i already explain how to backup your save file to your mobile here

i dont advice to install new update without deleting the old game file it will cause huge lag and slow down in game i advice everyone to backup your save file

there is an app called helium  you download it in google playstore for your mobile

you also need download helium on your PC from here

make sure you enable USB debug for your mobile to enable it

Enabling USB Debugging on an Android Device

  1. On the device, go to Settings > About <device>.
  2. Tap the Build number seven times to make Settings > Developer options available.
  3. Then enable the USB Debugging option. Tip: You might also want to enable the Stay awake option, to prevent your Android device from sleeping while plugged into the USB port.

after you do all that then follow the steps bellow

here is what you do now to back up your game save file

connect your mobile to your pc by using a USB

open helium on your pc then open helium on your mobile

it will enable the helium on your mobile to work

now you can remove the USB helium should work on your mobile now

click back up and click on the game and click back up

chose to save in internal storage for free or you can save to google cloud save if you want but you need need to make 1 time payment for this then you can always save to cloud forever

you can delete your game now and install new version and use save recovery from helium

uninstall your old version then install the new version

how they become pregnant? i played over 50 hours and i see the seed goes to egg animation many times but all girls belly are flat and no one saying anything about getting pregnant

i see thx its ok i can get unlimted love potions from the horn quest with the witch thx for information


how many party member out there?

i got

main charactor












total 12 did i get them all or is there anyone missing?

anyone know if there is any bad side effect for using love potion? in description it says warning i always sell to npc instead of using it,will it lead to any bad result in future or something? or i can safely use it?