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A member registered Aug 30, 2016

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An interesting experince. I really love the art style. I think I played the entire game and understand it to some degree. I'm intrigued enough to want to check out more of your work.

I love this game! It's become one of my favorite games to play when I just want to chill for a few minutes.

Game play is simple, but very novel. Much like the old Orisinal flash games I love.

I just wish I could take this game with me any where. A mobile version would rock my socks.

Really enjoyed this game! I liked it so much I decided to pay for it on Steam. 

What I think makes this game so successful as an experience is the following:

- Resource management aspect of game excourages exploration, rather than being just an annoy end unto itself. I never felt I was collecting resources just for the sake of continuing to collect resources. I collected resources because they allowed me to keep exploring.

- Exploring was fun and always brought something new and rewarding right around each corner. The player isn't searching forever for the same thing over and over. The map is appropriately sized and there are creative new tools, locations, and secrets to find every in-game day.

- Controls are simple and very affective. I love the "look around" function which makes navigating easier without the need for a full map.

- Music and sound is great. Perfect atmospher and good audio clues for danger.

- A story without tons of reading or dialogue. There isn't anything wrong with story telling that uses reading and such, but it's great to have a game visually tell a story that you have to use you imagination a little to fill in blanks.

Really impressive game for a Game Jam! I look forward to playing more of your games.

Though I wish the demo was a little longer, it gives a good impression on what more is to come. I'm definitely looking forward to playing the full game.

Yet another wonderful experience by the Deconstructeam. I simply love your games and this is no exception. I've only played through twice and think I've finally caught on to what the consequences are of the Copper Smith's magic. I look forward to playing again and seeing different results.

Your games are always so thoughtful and unique. It is visually beautiful and the music is great. The slow pace is just right for the atmospher. As always with your games, the gameplay itself is unique and engaging. 

Keep up with your wonderful work.